What is The Source of Income of Apps Like Whatsapp?

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20th Nov 2015

Whatsapp is such a app which has been popuralised nowadays only because of it making communication fast and joining people fast apart from geographical reason. Now the basic question a professional should arise should be that what is the income of whatsapp which is so much popularised or why it has achieved so much of GOODWILL. The answer to your question lies here. There are mainly 2 sources of income of Whatsapp. They are :-

1. Subscription Fee :-

Subscription Fee is such which is charged by whatsapp after installing it completes a year, but in normal cases, I have never seen any body paying to whatsapp as subscription fees even after 1 year is completed. So this income of whatsapp is not much as compared to the second one. Whatsapp had announced that it would be charging Dollar 1 for 1 year subscription but it has been seen that whatsapp is increasing its time period even after 1 year is completed.

2. Database Management :-

The main source of income of Whatsapp is the database management. Database management in simple terms means managing the data received / collected. Now going in into the brief details of the same. Now question arises that what would the whatsapp doing for database management. Whatsapp is such an app which stores each and every message or text which is sent or received in which it stores it in the server which further is categorised in many sub parts. So in this way whatsapp stores messages of each and every person using it and having a lot of data and inforamtion about a particular user using it.

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Now the question arises that what the whatsapp would be doing with this information. The simple answer to it is it would be selling information to the ones which require the preferences and interest of the people for the product to be marketed. There are many players in the market who are keen to know about the preferences of the consumers and then manufacture it. Whatsapp is made for each of them. Now Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for billions of rupees, what is the reason behind the same. The only reason is that Facebook wanted to be more user friendly and thus acquired whatsapp by knowing it stores data of number of users, so it can make facebook as per the choice of user.

From the interview of CEO of whatsapp, we came to know that why whatsapp was not selling ads, while most of the social networking sites or apps does, he gave a superb answer that this app or software was prepared with the main objective of communicating or creating relations and so if there would be advertisements then it would be interupting the user to perform its main task. This was the reason why whatsapp does not sell ads.

Concluding this I will like to tell you that the success of the app “Whatsapp” is only because of the reason that it is having a huge number of data and information having varied preference and interest which would be regarded as “ASSET” to the company.