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What Scares Men

Published by Julie89 in Humor
September 28th, 2011

A list of what scares most men about relationships and beyond.

1. Meeting the Girlfriends parents.

This is always a scary thing for both male and female but the men tend to be more tense than women are about meeting new people.

2.Women Crying

Guys can’t seem to stand to see a woman cry their instincts tell them to try and comfort you but is afraid that if you don’t want to be comforted and such.

3. Being dressed up in dorky clothes in front of his friends

Guys don’t like to look like anyone but themselves!

4. Some men are scared of being rejected when they ask a woman on a date.

Some men are some men aren’t it happens.

5. Loosing their looks

Men are like women they care about their looks too.


Some men look at speedos and are mortified

7. Lousy in the bedroom

Most guys if they don’t know if they are great in bed will often be scared if they think that they are lousy in the bedroom.

8. Popping the quesiton

All men are scared they are kneeling in front of the women they love most on earth and they all want her to say, “YES!”

9. Public Humiliation

Men are afraid of being publicly humiliated simple as that.

10. Commitment

If they think that they have found the perfect girl some men mess it up and break up with her

11. Infants/ Children

If women have children or they found out their girlfriend is pregnant PANIC will set in.

12. Women driving their “babies” their muscle cars/trucks

Men love their vehicles so when the woman asks may I drive this time the guys slams on the breaks and looks at her like HELL NO!

13. Marriage

Many men are afraid that once they get married they are permamently not aloud to have any friends. Not true not all women are actually like a ball and chain.

14. The Phrase: “We need to talk”

Men get very scared unless they don’t care about you and the relationship.


Have you seen these women they are like road rage waiting to happen!

16. Cross dressers

If they hit on what they think is a chick give em a kiss and find out she’s a he things are going to be AWKWARD

17. Being kicked in the nuts


18. Dying alone in a reitremen

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