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What Scents are you? Floral, Musk or Exotic?

Published by Stephen Smith in Humor
September 16th, 2012

People love perfumes mainly because it allows other people to identify their presence. For some, they consider perfume to be the root of their confidence and poise.

Others also use it to identify themselves when they are in a crowd. I also believed that a certain fragrance will allow people to be distinguished even when blending in with a sea of people.

What are the different kinds of perfume that are popular today?

There are various kinds of perfumes available in the market today. Perfumes used at work during the day can be different to ones worn for a meal out . It can also be different from one worn for a night clubbing or bar hopping. However despite the endless variety of perfumes that are available please bear in mind that not all perfumes suit everyone. A man usually loves the musky scent and prefers undertones of a cigar. Floral scents are one of the most popular ones and they are mostly loved by women because they add an element of sensuality, have a soothing and pleasant effect and also make one feel at ease. For teenagers they like fruit scent like Citrus aroma, lavender and strawberry. Exotic scents are the favorites of a lot of people too.

Are men and women’s perfume can be the same?

When it comes to perfumes for men and women, they cannot be the same. There are certain differences between the two because these are essentially perfumes meant for different genders. It is important to have innate differences and unique Men’s perfumes are generally quite masculine, strong as well as enduring. This is understandable given the fact that men have these inherent qualities that are quite attractive and alluring to women. I heard some women say that ralph lauren perfume or christian dior perfume is man’s lethal weapon to turn every woman into prey. These two men’s perfumes will sure drive women wild because of its guaranteed macho effect.

On the other hand, women have perfumes that are daintier, light as well as floral in nature. These are quite attractive and appealing to men because they remind them of the feminine qualities that they so adore. The issue make perfume is one brand of perfume that I dearly love for three years now. . The fragrance can make me smell sexy, clean at the same time mysterious. I love the scent because it can stir up many memories of my teenage fresh and energetic life.

Do perfume brands and names matter to you?

Personally, the name of a fragrance does not matter to me, because all that really matters is the scent. However, there are lots of people which prefer perfumes names to level up with their “status quo” in the society like the celebrities, the executives, the rich and the famous.

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