Eight Most Hated Jobs

I think it is time to share with the world the reason to get an education! If you don’t you may get stuck with one of these jobs!

  1. Fast Food, known to many as a high school job, despised by all! In this job you are expected to do the work of a management professional while waiting on customers for the lowest pay possible! The stress and work are both peak and frustration leads to insanity!
  2. Baby sitting, we have all taken care of a kid at one point or another, and at another point that kid has crapped or thrown up on something or even worse you! No one truly enjoys baby sitting it is just a bunch of kids that are running around trying to break things and generally drive you off your rocker!
  3. Door-to-Door salesman, this job sucks purely because you will meet one person a month who doesn’t want to shoot you.
  4. Telemarketer, how many times has a 1-800 number called you house? My first thought when I see that number is, “I wish blowing up call centers wasn’t illegal” can you imagine being hung up, sworn at, threatened, and harassed all day? Well it has to be expected since that is exactly what you have to do to others!
  5. Sanitation technician, no one wants to be a garbage man, although if you ask my parents they will tell you when I was 5 it was my goal in life! I have since moved on! I am not interested in touching other people garbage or having exploding bags covered me in crap, and worst of all is when people put bleach on the bad to avoid animals it hurts the poor garbage man you jerks!
  6. Online article writer! Well carpel tunnel is a female dog! Also not as many good sites like Triond out there!
  7. Security Guard, who wants to be up and alert at 4 AM just in case some crazy teenager decides to steal a twinkie from the local gas station?
  8. Management of minimum wage staff, that is a job from hell. The staff don’t care no matter how hard you try they just don’t show up or quit and not tell you!

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