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Natural Blondes are More Fruitful

Published by olikarme in Blonde
January 17th, 2011

The new encyclopedia of Czech jokes I counted all of the blondes. There are 905th Some are fatuous, others pretty good. Need to know what makes a blonde when crawling on their knees at the supermarket? Looking for a low price. Why was not satisfied with a trip to England? She found out that Big Ben are only an hour. And why is the bed saying: "Oh! Ááách "? To forget the text.

A sudden epidemic of jokes about dumb blondes peaked several years ago. It replaced a flood of forum blbých cops. Many of them were only a faint resemblance of a real police stupidity. But why did the police just replaced the blonde, even though no scientific study has no evidence for their stupidity?

The explanation is simple and based on the known fact that blondes are more attractive for the male sex. Once upon a time, my hands on a book that was called Gentlemen prefer blondýnám. After years of this fact is confirmed by the results of scientific research. Natural blondes have a slightly higher level of female sex hormone estrogen, and therefore show a somewhat higher fertility.

Girls with dark hair, by contrast, suffer from an increased body hair. Or is it more noticeable. Men, on average, is said to perceive a little less feminine.

Zářivá blondýnky nad 30 je spíše výjimkou.

Jokes about blondes brunettes and redheads invent

And that may be the cause of the brunettes and redheads as members feel sort of sexual division. What then choose a weapon? Invent jokes about dumb blondes, so its a little bit more successful soupeřkám soaped stairs in the competition for male attention.

We all remember the blonde female role models today, starting with the infamous Madonna Britney Spears over to Helen Vondráčková. With the passing years all andílkům blonde hair darken a bit. Here, too, plays the role of hormones decrease.

Blonde over 30 years, except

Darkening naturally blond hair is often seen after birth. Rarely can we meet the brilliant natural blonde, which is more than 30 years. Here it usually starts peroxide artificial camouflage. Very often, women also use darker shades of hair. Ladies, it would certainly do it, if it were true funny stories about blondes.

It’s those jokes lately a little less. I also discovered a hybrid joke, a blonde and a policeman: the blond angel rides in the car. Cop stops him and asks the ID card. The blonde says, “What is it?” Cop: “That’s the thing where you get your picture.” Miss mess begins. The count in her purse, pulls up a mirror. She looks to him and said: “It could probably be it.” A police officer looking into the mirror odtuší: “You could tell right then that you are a cop.”

And finally one more: Blonde interested in Lamborghini. “How goes it sting?” Asks the car dealers. “Almost 290 kilometers per hour,” he says. Blonde shakes her head resolutely, “Nonsense. So many miles an hour does not.

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