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Donut Jokes

Published by Renji Shino in Jokes
November 7th, 2008

Donuts, crullers, and donut holes can be pretty funny. Making donut jokes up may be healthier for a person than the act of eating donuts is. Please avoid telling these jokes while eating or drinking.

Donuts have something in common with these jokes, they should not be consumed by people with heart conditions. Donuts are full of empty calories, these jokes are full of empty words.

Donuts, crullers, donut holes, lend me your sugar coatings. I have come, not to praise the donut, but to bury it in a layer of sugar.

Donuts – you can live without them, and you might be able to live with them.

Donuts are a poor man’s substitute for women, too.

I’m not sure who invented the donut, and I am afraid to ask.

Hopefully you like all the people you meet, even if you don’t like all of the donuts.

Why did the donut cross the road? It fell off the truck.

Vikings like lots of sugar coatings, and evidently, might have been happy with donuts as these food items preserved well. Perhaps the Viking diet consisted of spam and donuts. Have you ever seen a spam donut, or a person running around in a Viking costume, though?

Spam and donuts do not go together like love and marriage.

Rolling jokes like these helps to keep the customers rolling into and out of the shop, as you are rolling in the dough for the boss. Did you hear the one about the baker who left donut dough in the cash register and fried the cash? That was the joke, hopefully nothing like that one happens in real life.

Honestly, I’m one of those people who actually likes the garlic-filled donut, or the cayenne-pepper coated donut, or the jalapeno-cheese donut – those joke donuts that the baker makes for customers who become annoying at the storefront.

What some people will do for a “Klondike Bar” I might do for a garlic donut. However, most people will refuse a donut such as this, even if offered one free of charge.

You have to keep them separated, especially when it comes to varieties of donuts.

Donuts are like customers. Some are fresh, some are stale, some are crummy.

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