Five Random Facts About The Human Body

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6th Feb 2017

Five Random Facts About the Human Body.

There are many things that we know about the human body such as hominy bones it has which is 206 and many other stuff. But there are also many things that you do not know about the body, that’s why I have written this article to give everyone some information on the human body as well as providing you with some good fun and entertainment at the same time. So here your list of 5 random facts about the human body, hope you enjoy.

• You many think that earwax serves no purpose but in fact you need earwax if you want to have healthy ears. It protects and also moisturizes the inside of the ear canal and it contains special chemicals that fight off infections inside the ear canal as well as many other purposes.
• Saliva is a vary important part in digesting food as well as preventing dry mouth but did you know that in a lifetime you body produces more than enough saliva to fill to swimming pools.
• Have you ever herd someone sneeze and you make a joke about it? Well you should know that a sneeze can leave you body at speeds higher than 100 miles per hour.
• Well you just herd that a sneeze can exceed speed of 100 hundred miles and hour a cough may not be able to move so fast but it still can reach speed up to 60 miles per hour which is very fast as well.
• Your two feet have about 500,000 sweat glands in the two of them combined and can produce close to a pint of sweat during the day.