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Global Warming Jokes

Published by Eldridge in Jokes
May 31st, 2009

A second installment of an infamous satire-document that won’t get rejected.

  1. Humans aren’t the only species that might be overpopulated. Animals might be overpopulated too, enough to adopt any human babies or human kids. They even got to the point of the cult of human history just enough to go against the will of Human nature.
  2. Overpopulation isn’t the answer to system. Nine billion by 2050? Won’t that mean more carbon and less oxygen as houses are sacrificed from woody-machinery to increase population? Nonsense.
  3. We had a better winter system after holocausts.
  4. What is energy if everything is connected in the brain network of in-house string movers?
  5. Practice breath control through the Buddhist means. Good idea?
  6. You know how to depopulate people? By turning them into transitive methods.
  7. Who invented strip club: Germans, Poles, or Russians? Germans-Russians is the most likely answer in the Nazi cell block.
  8. What year is it- 2351? Have we came to this Jewish calendar so far enough?
  9. Have you read Dead-eye Dick?
  10. Didn’t Little Ice Age occur in Europe in 16th and 17th centuries? Think about it.

Extra credit: You know how to control certain identity and ethnics? It is so easy to subtank the sewage system, or preferably, the AC conditioner system with arsenic, mustard gas, or other deadly poisonings in individual room.

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