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Four Things Your Parents Don’t Want You to Know

Published by Routledge in Kids
October 10th, 2008

With the success of five things you don’t want your parents to know I have taken it upon myself to share both sides!

Parents put an amazing amount of effort into keeping you out of trouble and int heir safe care, well most do anyway! Your parents mot likely kept a lot of secrets from you as you were growing up and learning new things you wanted to try! They never told you that they tried them too! Ha ha!

  1. Smoking pot! The last thing your parents want you to find out is that they smoked pot and liked it! Well if your parent did it then it is fine for you to try and use too eh? Well that isn’t the way your parents look at it my friend! Drugs are bad but not for them! They did it but you shouldn’t!
  2. Junk Food! Everyone has a drawer, cupboard or cabinet that is just full of crap and by crap I clearly mean junk food! Parents think it is the ultimate secret and that you only get it when you behave or are watching a movie etc. They would never guess that you had found it, FOUR YEARS ago ha ha! To a parent if they try to keep a secret like that to them you CAN’T figure it out, until of course they notice you gained 15 pounds and the food is gone!
  3. Music! Most parents would be upset if you found their Rolling Stones and other, less tasteful music on albums or tapes! They listened to things as controversial as Britney Spears and Katy Perry it was just a different controversy just as serious at the time! We can at least thank our stars that out parents thought “you are my candy girl” was riské but at least it was good!
  4. Driving! Well not all parents drove responsibly for a teenager (and by responsibly for a teenager I clearly mean completely recklessly!) Your dad probably got your mom because he drove a nice 1965 red mustang convertible! Which he then drove in ways that you would be grounded for years if your parents saw!

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