Five Things Men Do to Annoy Women!

So you enjoy flirting, hate being beaten by a girl or your girl has treated you unfairly? I am going to share five amazing ways to get vengeance without getting lonely!

  1. We have all at some point in our loves saran wrapped a toilet or two! This will bring out a very upset initial reaction but it is well worth the trouble as she will be cautious for years without you ever doing it again it will plague her every time she pees! As a side note try to put the saran wrap on the toilet itself then put the seat down on top so she can’t see it, and don’t forget you did it as your pee goes farther!
  2. Most people have 2 T.V. remotes! Take the one that usually controls the channel and take the batteries out. After that program the other remote to change channels, find a place you can hide and still get reception! Then you need to memorize a station that your wife/girlfriend wouldn’t want to be caught dead watching or they would think would offend you. When they sit down to watch T.V. change it to that channel and 2-3 minutes later walk in and be very upset or very confused as to why they are watching that and ask why they changed! He he, it’s a fun one!
  3. If you recently got a cell phone or have a  friend who’s number she has never seen send her a text about how beautiful she is etc. etc. When she asks who is it just say an admirer and run with it! You either pray she thinks it was cute or never figures out it was you!
  4. If she is not mechanically minded, remove something small off the car that makes it not work! Disconnecting the battery is usually enough and then you either tell her it was a joke OR that it was very difficult but you fixed it and could she PLEASE not break the car again by being too aggressive with the gas!
  5. Tell her you are going out with some friends and then say you’ll be working late. She will see right through it, you then go out the door walk around the house and re-enter after she leaves to tell you how it is. When she returns as her with a confused voice, where have you been I’ve been worried sick!

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