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Manly Activities Ruined by Women

Published by likeaboss in Men
August 14th, 2011

A list of the manliest activities that have been ruined by women, whether through excessive political correctness, or other means.

Manly activities ruined by women

                Being a man isn’t as easy as it seems. For most of history, men have been given more rights than women, and for good reason. We strong men have penises, after all. But our glory pole isn’t the only thing that has kept us up.

                After all, it was the man who defended the cave and his pet wooly mammoth from the oncoming hordes of zombie dinosaurs (I think, I fell asleep during 9th grade history), and it was a men who invented beer pong. Obviously, we have a lot going for us.

                Unfortunately, women started to want some of the same equality as men, and they started to get it. However, women didn’t get that equality by getting themselves to the same level as men, but instead by bringing some of the manliest activities down to their childbearing level.


                Everyone knows that some of the manliest men in the world have hunted. Chuck Norris simply used the third fist that he hides under his beard to hunt elephants, but most men have had to hunt the old fashioned way: with really big guns.

                In the United States, the second amendment gives anyone over the age of 18 the right to bear arms, with some exceptions. This means that if I wanted to go out to the local gun store and buy me a giant video game gun, it is my god damn constitutional right to do so.

                Unfortunately, a woman’s right to own a weapon is also protected under the second amendment, which means that they can go down to the local gun store and buy a gun just as big as mine, making me feel like my penis is smaller than it already is.

                This however, is not usually the case. Many times, when a woman goes to buy a gun, she buys either the smallest gun she can buy, or the one that makes her husband feel the most inadequate.

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