Nice People: Four

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1st Mar 2017

Nice people.

After they had come up on the ledge and Kerr had shown what it was that look there, Tony foreslog him join up and look at indsjøen. Meanwhile, the other would dig endda some hollow among others in the empty hvælvingen. Kerr allow proper set off and reached the top first. Tony would moreover endnu first take a snapshot from the ledge. When he came strævende after, he heard shouting Kerr up there: “Do you keep me in when, Tony? Is it a joke? “

“What is the joke?”

“This is about the sea, well.”

“What is it with him then?”

“Here finder no sea.”

Tony stopped as he was to be struck by shots. So great was his astonishment, that he a few minutes not a word fik forward. Finally, he gasped: “No indsjø? Kerr, it must be to you as a joke? “