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10 Wicked Methods of Revenge

Published by Agent X in Pranks
December 8th, 2008

Pesky Co-Worker? Annoying Neighbor? Filthy Roommate? Look no further!

  1. If your target is a golfer, wake up early and place dog excrement in all the golf course holes.
  2. Places bird seeds on top of your targets car when it is parked under a tree. It will be painful removing all the bird poo.
  3. For a bad roommate place several alarmclocks timed to go off at 2 hour intervals all over his room.
  4. For terrible neighbors set a boombox alarmclock to go off at 3 am every morning when you go on vacation.
  5. In a boarding school or office, send an sms to the target saying that their phone or computer has been caught with pornography and that they are to proceed straight to their boss/headmaster/ict.dept. to hand over the computer or handphone for confiscation.
  6. Put up an add in a newspaper, stating that the target’s house is for sale with opening times for viewing the house, and a statement saying “Walk on in!”
  7. Put up posters advertising a “SUPER DUPER YARDSALE” at your targets house. To make it more convincing, place empty boxes on your targets lawn with a Yard-Sale sign stuck on a stick in the grass.
  8. Forge an eviction notice and place it in your targets mailbox.
  9. Liberally apply superglue or another suitable adhesive to your target’s toilet seat.
  10. If your target has any locked cabinets, drawers, etc. place 4-digit combination locks on them as well.

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  1. Laura
    Posted August 14, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Got anything for an evil landlady?

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