Arts of The Internet: Jayuzumi Aka The Celeb Gamer

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1st Sep 2013

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many articles for a new series, Arts of the Internet. Here, we will be presenting various Internet personalities and taking a look at their creative contributions. You’ll get some background information as well as links to their work and social media.

For the inaugural article, I went with a YouTube personality who has taken the classic phone prank tool of celebrity soundboards and adapted it to multiplayer video games. With the milestones of two of Jayuzumi’s videos reaching one million views, Justin Beiber plays Modern Warfare 3 and Stewie Griffin plays Black Ops, I would like to introduce readers to his hilarious work.

Internet Personality: Jayuzumi aka The Celeb Gamer

Jayuzumi hails from the Essex county, north-east of London. At the age of 27, he’s made a reputation for himself with his Celeb Gamer series. As mentioned earlier, his craft has its roots in prank phone calls using celebrity soundboards. Jayuzumi took the next step and adapted it to video games. His channel of 139 videos features the soundboard likes of Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Santa Claus, Sgt Hartman (R. Lee Ermey), Bart Simpson, Tom Hanks, My Little Pony, Darth Vader, and many many others.

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Jayuzumi recalls how he decided to go the particular route he took for Celeb Gamer, “I used to watch a Call of Duty troller called General Minus. He used to get really funny reactions. I wanted to try it, but didn’t want to use my own voice. So I thought of using a soundboard instead.” From then on, his channel has become one of modest regard among gamers.

While witty with a soundboard, his skills as a gamer are impressive. You’ll often find him in any competitive multiplayer lobby if you’re an X-Box 360 player. “I mainly do multiplayer due to the amount of people with mics in the lobby so it is easier to get clips.” He’s looking to expand into other franchises in the future. “I am hoping to do more games like Titanfall, GTA (Grand Theft Auto), and BF4 (Battlefield 4).” When he’s not donning the guise of the Celeb Gamer, you’ll often find him playing Battlefield 3.

If there was one thing he would change out his past videos, he responded, “In my old videos I would trap people in corners. A Lot! I would change that because I know how annoying it can be.”

With every video, there is a wave of fan requests for future Celeb Gamer episodes. I know I’ve personally suggested Bill Murray and Bruce Campbell on a number of occasions. Others have asked for Red Foreman, Liam Neeson, Finn from Adventure Time, and Joe Pesci. Yet, there’s one he will adamantly refuse to do. “I get asked to do Hitler sometimes and due to his history he is one character I would never do.”

As for characters in the future, keep an eye out for Cleveland Brown, Sasuke (Naruto), Meg Griffin and Archer.

If you’re new to Celeb Gamer, here’s two of his videos that he recommends:

Vegeta plays Modern Warfare 3

Bender (Futurama) plays Battlefield 3

I, personally, would also recommend:

GlaDOS (Portal) plays Modern Warfare 3

Claptrap (Borderlands) plays Black Ops 2

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Special thanks to Jayuzumi for his time to answer questions for this article. Keep an eye out for future installments.