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Embarrassing Story: Pantsed in P.E.

Published by markstewart3 in Pranks
August 12th, 2012

From embarrassingstories. A story about a kid being pansted bad by other students.

When I was about to start secondary school I was worried because I had heard that you always get pantsed and get given wedgies all the time so when I started I tried to avoid trouble with other people but I couldn’t get away from it.

One day in P.E we were all waiting for the the teacher outside suddenly this kid pantses me from behind and some people laughed as I bent down to pull up my shorts he kicked me in the ass and i fell down, suddenly I felt my boxers being pulled down and now all the girls are staring at my butt then they pulled me onto my feet and then everyone could see my penis everyone was falling over laughing and I saw my boxers being thrown around by the girls they were laughing and pointing at until the teacher came out and started yelling at me for being naked and told me to put on a pair of huge tighty whities and said I had to do the rest of the lesson in them and we were doing running all the girls were filming it and they put it on facebook people always talk about it now.

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