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Hilarious Prank phone Calls

Published by pablina in Pranks
November 7th, 2010

Hilarious Prank phone Calls.

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Hilarious Prank phone Calls

Funny toilet related prank call. Hold your stomach now. Get ready, it’s pretty gross.

This prankster really knows how to make the victim of the prank call gag!

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Wow, that’s a little gross.  Urgh! I found it difficult to listen to all of that without heaving. Guess I don’t have a strong stomach.

Halloween prank call. Poor innocent woman hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

Calls from unknown persons can be annoying at times, but I personally hate cold callers. However listening to prank calls when you’re not involved is a quite funny.

Some more random and slightly weird prank phone calls. There are a lot of pranksters out there.

Another funny prank call.

Prank calls

Hilarious prank calls

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