My Fav Japanese Funny Videos

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3rd Oct 2011

Lets Start with this video.

1. Shaolin Soccer Matrix was taken from the comedy SHaolin soccer(2001) with Stephen Chow

2. Ping Pong Matrix 

Was a video of two ping pong players who shows different views in playing ping pong and my favourite shot was above shot or birds eye view.

3. Karate Matrix

shows exaggerated karate moves if you can get the humor on this one. You will enjoy watching it.

4. Japanese Prank show

5. Eject Button

1st part was the back flip Ejection button while the 2nd part was the Forced evacuation


7. Funny Ghost Prank

I’m laughing at this natural reaction. Running away from ghost.

  • Eunice Tan

    I like no. 7. Thanks for sharing

  • Pinoydreamer

    If im in that situation I would be reacting like that

  • rajaryanme

    LOL…i liked all videos.