Recipe to Stay Happy!

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22nd Mar 2017

How to be happy? A nice Recipe, easy as 1,2,3…!

A sure way to have a happy life! And actually so easy set apart on one page! Some great advice, wow! Rise early ( whats early? I think “ten-duleish” will do ), exercise, I am not a exercise freak so I will skip that one!

Without any jokes, this is an amazing piece of paper! Just read it thoroughly through, print it and place it somewhere you can see it every and each day!

“NR 4: Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for.”Amazing advise, there is just nothing that can beat blues, sadness or any other negative emotion, like gratitude! Test it and see!

I challenge all of my friends out there to try this ” Daily Schedule For Happiness” and see the amazing results.
You can even add to the list, if you want to. It will make it even more amazing and effective