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206 Questions Four You and Your Lover

Published by Kimberlie in Relationship
June 6th, 2008

Ever want your lover to open up to you? Or are you the one who needs to open up? Well here’s your chance to find out who’s holding back.

  1. Do I satisfy you?
  2. What would you do if another male/female paid you more attention than I do?
  3. What things turn you on?
  4. What could I do to be more attractive to you?
  5. What could I do to make you want me more?
  6. Why don’t you touch me a lot during sex?
  7. If you could be with any person in the world, who would he/she be? Why?
  8. What plans do you have for us?
  9. What is one thing that you want from me that you do don’t feel your getting?
  10. What does love mean to you?
  11. What do I mean to you?
  12. Do you really want to marry me?
  13. What do you think about/of me? Good and bad
  14. Do you believe you can be with me and only me for the rest of your life?
  15. What things make you sad/unhappy?
  16. Has anyone tried to get with you since we’ve been together?
  17. Would you have talked to them if we weren’t together?
  18. Do you believe that we were meant to be together?
  19. Why don’t you try to tell me what’s on your mind?
  20. When you look at me what do you feel/think about?
  21. Why are you with me?
  22. What are your darkest secrets?
  23. What makes me special to you?
  24. If you could make 3 wishes what would they be?
  25. Do you still want more kids with me?
  26. Am I truly the person your heart and soul wants to be with?
  27. Could you see yourself with anyone else?
  28. Since we’ve been together have you ever felt lonely? When?
  29. Do you think I judge you in any way?
  30. Is what we have what you wanted in a relationship?
  31. What would you change?
  32. If we wrote our own wedding vows, what would some of yours be?
  33. Do you ever miss me from day to day?
  34. What things about my past bother you? Why?
  35. How many people have you slept with?
  36. If you had to set a goal for us what would it be and why?
  37. When it rains, what do you think about?
  38. If we were at a store and never met before, what’s something that you would ask or say to me?
  39. What would be your first thought of me?
  40. What’s something you would like to see me do with myself?
  41. What do you dream about? Tell me one of your dreams that you remember
  42. What was your last nightmare about?
  43. What would you like people to say other than “ Oh, that’s your girl?”
  44. Do you think I’m a good woman? Why or why not
  45. What are some things that would make me a better woman?
  46. Why do you think we fight all the time?
  47. Why don’t you like to talk to at least me?
  48. Do you think we know everything there is to know about one another?
  49. Am I a hard person to talk to? Why or why not
  50. Why haven’t you ever wrote me a letter?
  51. What’s stopping us from having the relationship everyone thinks we have?
  52. What things scare you about me?
  53. Do you think I want too much?
  54. What is it that you think I want?
  55. Are you willing to give that to me?
  56. Write me a sexy story that you want to come true
  57. Write me a story about anything that comes to mind
  58. Why did you fall in love with me?
  59. What made you tell me that you loved me after knowing me for only 3 days?
  60. Do you wish that you would have waited?
  61. Do you accept me for who I am?
  62. What’s one thing that you would change about me if you could?
  63. Why do you think I have so many questions?
  64. Why do you think I love you?
  65. Do you ever not want to come home? Why?
  66. What are some things you think I hide from you? Why?
  67. Why was it a problem for me to keep a journal of my own?
  68. Do you think that I’ve ever cheated on you EVER? Why or why not
  69. What are some things you want to see me ware? Why?
  70. What are some things that I do ware that you don’t want me to? Why?
  71. What do you think is meant when hey say it’s the little things that count?
  72. What are the little things to you?
  73. Do you think it makes you less of a man to say nice things to me? Why or why not?
  74. Why don’t you say nice things to me?
  75. If you’re happy, shouldn’t I get some type of feeling that you are?
  76. Do I make you happy?
  77. What things make you happy?
  78. What things could I do to help or what do I do already?
  79. Why do you feel that you can’t open up to me?
  80. Have I ever done anything to hurt you? If yes, what?
  81. Have I ever been caught up in a lie with you?
  82. Why don’t you trust me?
  83. Do you think that I’ll ever throw your feelings away? If yes, why?
  84. Do you think that I’ll ever turn my back on you and run like the wind? If yes, why?
  85. Do you think I’m trying to give you my all or just a part of me? Why or why not?
  86. Are you truly trying to give me your all? Why or why not?
  87. What are you scared of as far as we go? Why?
  88. What’s your worst fear when it comes to us? Why?
  89. Do you think I’m out to hurt you? Why or why not?
  90. What do you feel I’m doing wrong as far as we go? Why?
  91. Do you really love me?
  92. Do you think love is a game? Why or why not?
  93. Who am I to you? Why?
  94. What do I mean to you? Why?
  95. What makes you want to stay? Why?
  96. What do we have in your eyes? Why?
  97. Am I pretty to you? Why or why not?
  98. Do you think I’m pretty?
  99. What’s your favorite position?
  100. What do you think of me when I’m naked?
  101. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?
  102. What’s the weirdest thing you want to do?
  103. If your best friend called me a Bitch, what would you do?
  104. What would you do if he tried coming on to me?
  105. If we could go in a vacation, where would we go?
  106. Do you think I have a sense of humor? Why or why not?
  107. If I sent roses to your job what would you think?
  108. If we were playing Truth or Dare which would you pick?
  109. Which do you think I would pick?
  110. Do you think I always have to have the last work in an argument?
  111. Do you think I’m romantic?
  112. What could I do to be more romantic?
  113. If we could go back to the beginning, would you change any thing?
  114. If we could go back to the beginning and make something that we did back then last forever, what would it be? Why?
  115. If you were on the phone with an old, old friend how would you describe me to them?
  116. How would you describe our relationship?
  117. Would you leave anything out? What? Why or why not?
  118. If I let you choose a tattoo for me what would it be and where would you want me to put it? Why?
  119. What would that tattoo mean to you?
  120. Would you ever play a sex game with me? Why or why not?
  121. And if yes, what do you have in mind?
  122. Where do you see us in 5 yrs? 10 yrs?
  123. What do you want out of life?
  124. If we weren’t together what do you think you would be doing with yourself? Why?
  125. When we started seeing each other did you think we would end up together in a relationship? Why or why not?
  126. If I were a meal what kind of wine would you serve me with?
  127. What problems do you think we have in our relationship?
  128. What can we do to make our relationship better?
  129. Do you think that we should’ve taken more time to get to know one another better? Why or why not?
  130. When you sit back and think about us, what comes to mind?
  131. Before you committed yourself to me, is there anything that you wish you would’ve known first? If yes, what?
  132. Would it have changed your mind if you knew?
  133. If we could take a road trip, where would you want to go?
  134. What’s your favorite color?
  135. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Why? (when I grow up I want to be……)
  136. What’s one thing that you would erase from your memory if you could?
  137. What’s one thing that sticks out in your mind from childhood?
  138. What’s one thing that you wish your mom would of told you but didn’t? Why?
  139. What’s one thing you would change about yourself if you could? Why?
  140. What was your nic-name as a kid?
  141. Did you ever get picked on as a kid? If yes, about what?
  142. Do you think that $ can buy happiness? Why or why not?
  143. Do you have any questions for me that you’ve wanted to ask me, but haven’t?
  144. Write me a poem?
  145. Write me a story about anything
  146. Put relationship in one word
  147. Did you have a favorite pet growing up? If yes, what was it and what was its name?
  148. What is one of your fantasies?
  149. Where is one place that you’ve always wanted to make love?
  150. How old were you when you first had sex?
  151. Did it have any meaning behind it?
  152. What was the person’s name?
  153. If you could go back and change it, would you have not had sex?
  154. If I were blind how would you show me the world?
  155. Do you think I take you for granted? Why or why not?
  156. Do you wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom?
  157. What do you think a relationship should entail, what values? Why?
  158. What, if any, are we lacking?
  159. Do you think that I take things out on you for what people have done to me in past relationships?
  160. Do you like watching porn? Why?
  161. Have you watched any while we’ve been together?
  162. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  163. Have you ever been on an airplane?
  164. What is your favorite part of my body?
  165. If we were to break up what qualities of mine would you want your next girlfriend/boyfriend to have?
  166. Which qualities could you live without?
  167. What makes you a strong person?
  168. What are your weaknesses?
  169. What’s your favorite song?
  170. What’s your favorite movie?
  171. What’s your favorite T.V. show?
  172. Have you ever been to a strip club?
  173. What things make you very angry?
  174. What pisses you off?
  175. Do you think I’m a dependable person? Why or why not?
  176. Have you ever lied to me? If yes, what about and why?
  177. Have you ever been depressed? If yes, what about?
  178. What did you like most in school?
  179. What’s your favorite day of the year? Why?
  180. What’s your favorite month? Why?
  181. Do you like summer or winter better? Why?
  182. Do I ever frustrate you? Why?
  183. Do you ever feel like running away?
  184. Where would you run to? Why?
  185. What’s your favorite candy?
  186. What’s my favorite candy?
  187. What are 3 things you would change about your job? Why?
  188. What is the date that we 1st met?
  189. From what date did you consider us a couple? Why?
  190. What sealed the deal? Why?
  191. If I were sick, what would you do to make me feel better?
  192. What things would you want me to do to make you feel better?
  193. What is one thing that you’ve never done with anyone that you want to do with me? Why?
  194. What is one thing that we’ve done together that you would never, ever do with anyone else? Why?
  195. If we were to break up on good terms do you believe we could still be friends? Why or why not?
  196. What’s your dream car? Why?
  197. What was your 1st car that you owned?
  198. What’s one thing you would love to build with your own hands?
  199. What do funerals make you think about?
  200. What are 3 things you want to be remembered for when you die?
  201. What are 3 things you want to do before you die?
  202. Have you ever had the chicken pox? If so, what age?
  203. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  204. When’s the last time you wet yourself? What happened, what made you do it?
  205. What was your first job? How did you get it? Why did want it, what made you apply?
  206. If you were to sit down and write a book what would you write about? Why?

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    Posted August 8, 2009 at 12:18 am

    We got to number 22 and argued…

  3. Layla
    Posted September 22, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    These Questions Are Great! I Really Enjoyed Asking Them!

  4. Gwen
    Posted January 23, 2010 at 2:30 am

    these questions are awesome right on the money!!!!

  5. Alistair
    Posted March 20, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Awesome questions, The sexual ones make things a little bitty giggly but good haha

  6. HAideR
    Posted May 12, 2010 at 3:12 am

    add some dez/adult ques it vl be more intrstng , , nice

  7. Mandy
    Posted June 19, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Some of these actually very magnificent ^^

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