Review :Dr Michael Beckwith Lessons in The Law of Attraction

Published by in Jokes
27th Jan 2017

As you know everything is energy. Words are energy. So as you speak it, define it. That’s what you get.

I was amused by Dr Michael Beckwith’s lessons on the law of attraction. They were awesome. So in depth. I loved the way he placed the concepts. He says that you create the things by defining what you want. Ordering what you desire. It does not go the other way. As you define this world within, so it shall be without.

Michael shows us an awesome method to breakthrough this lower vibration and soar up to great heights. How you can do this exercise by a mirror or somewhere alone. I recommend you even do it when people are around. You would get a lot more if they think you are insane lol

OK when you stand in front of this mirror you can now begin ” Gosh, my am I always fresh and vibrant all the time.

Why do my contracts always go through as thus. Why are all those pretty girls or guys chasing me? Why is they always so much cash in my bank account? Why do I always feel this fresh vitality going in and out of my system? why do I always have this awesome meals and vacations? Why am I always in such Ecstasy and clarity? Why do I always know what to do and how to do it and when to do it? Why do my imaginations and fantasies always come through? My jokes and plays always turn out to yield the reality!

Then Michael gives something lovely to end with. At the end of the road and the goal. It’s not what we have. Its not a matter of all the stuffs that we have. Its who we become. Its what we become :)