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Top 10 Sexy Anime Girls

Published by sr66 in Jokes
January 6th, 2011

Because Japanese art deserves to be hounded over as much as western. Enjoy these Top 10 Sexy Anime Girls!

Anime, as a form of art and as entertainment, has exploded in the west in recent years, and at least among male viewers this is likely owing to the fact that there are a lot of hot girls in anime.

Like, a lot.

Consequently, it’s really difficult to come up with just 10 anime girls who can comprise a single list, and make note that these hotties are far from being alone. (Nor will they be. Expect more lists. We must honor them all! More and more lists!)

Anyway. On with the Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls!

- Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop. A hard luck woman with a terrible past and an ever chancey future, Faye Valentine’s inclusion on this list is obvious. Look at that outfit. Sultry, teasing, and exactly what she needs to keep men from discovering just how smart she actually is – mainly because she’s trying to screw ‘em over while they’re oggling her.

- Neliel, Bleach. She starts off as a tiny child with a lisp whose gender is in question. Then she changes back into an Espada, and you’re all, ‘Whoa. Where was she hiding all THAT?’

- Tia Harribel, Bleach. Yes, same series, but… I believe the name is ‘underboob’? That sound right? (And yes, that’s from the manga. Big deal. Hot is hot.)

- Anko Mitarashi, Naruto. It’s, ah, her spunk. Yeah. Has nothing to do with the fishnet shirt she wears. No sir.

- Nami, One Piece. A mischevious thief with a penchant for lying yet possessing hard and fast loyalty to her crew, Nami is just what you’d want in a crew member – particularly as eye candy. Shame Luffy seems to be blind to women…

- Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon. Yes, I know, she’s, like, 13 years old or something criminal. (Not by now, technically, since the anime is how many years old?) But, man, those outfits just never stop workin’.

- Balldandy, Ah My Goddess!. She’s just so friendly… and forthcoming… and, well, that look certainly BEFITS a goddess, no matter what she might be wearing…

- Naga the Serpent, Slayers. Noticing a bit of a trend in these choices? Ah well… either way, you have to admit Naga’s pretty hot. Obnoxious as anything with that dreadful laugh, but you don’t have to listen to it just staring at a picture, right? Right.

- Android 18, Dragonball Z. She can kill you. More than anyone else on this list, she can MURDER you. Yet that doesn’t take away from her cool, sexy appeal – kinda adds an element of danger, in fact. Horrible, world-ending danger, true, but meh. Who cares.

- Last but not least, Kallen Stadtfeld, Code Geass. You have to appreciate a girl who can be a wilting flower half the time and a ferocious, robot-piloting freedom fighter the rest.

Anyone else you’d like to add? Want some more? Let me know. Don’t worry, there are always plenty more sexy anime girls for lists.

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