Triond Has Decided to Grant Me a Bonus!

I was certain I am not going to publish anything today. Yet, Triond noticed how hard I work for them and decided it is time to give me a bonus.

Today I had a bad mod, and did not feel like writing anything. Yet, I decided I am just going to look at my Dashboard in order to see what is going on in my account.

To my astonishment I found out that Triond is taking our words seriously and has decided to increase its par per view (PPV). So only 4 days into this month – I already earned more than I earned in my entire 5 months.

Now seriously: we all know they will fix it soon. Yet it made me smile for several seconds. Especially when I notice I got almost all the money from only one (!) view.

Now what we need to do is convince them to increase their PPV a bit (not as much as they did here, but a little more than usually will be nice).

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