When You Try to Hard to be Humorous

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9th Oct 2016

Hello friends, lets face it, when you are in a goofy mood. Thats when they are the funniest….

Suggestion:  never joke when you are in a grumpy mood. Or when you joke mock,.

Then you will be a dork.  Jokes are better when they done within taste.  Making people

laugh within taste.  Never to hurt anyone. Thats possibly “verbal abuse”  And they are

never tolerated.  ALso.. that can also goes for action jokes.. when you pull a prank

on someone.  They can also get you in trouble, ”physical abuse”.

Joke or humor books, dvd’s,.. can also help.  Again, be tasteful.  Smiling when you

joke makes them that much better, I think.

humor tyme..

“little lisa laughed loudly”.. as fast as you can..

“sad sorts sat silly” as fast as you can..

ur turn…

Also.. consider… when you laugh at quality jokes you life extends even longer.

And, writing good humor down. Makes you possibly remember them longer.