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10 Sushi-Themed Products

Published by Ori Sonata in Offbeat
November 23rd, 2008

The uniqueness of sushi had lead several industry not directly related to sushi servings to base their product design on sushi. These are few examples of such products.

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine consisting of vinegar rice with a topping. Ingredients usually used as the toppings are raw fish, cooked fish, eggs and vegetables. In some rare occasions other ingredients such as chocolate, cheese and bacon may also be used.

The internationalization of sushi related business had forced many restaurants with sushi in their menu to be more and more creative. But it is not only the restaurant the one who have to be creative. The uniqueness of sushi had lead several industry not directly related to sushi servings to base their product design on sushi.

Sushi Pajama

This particular pajama is decorated with various sushis complete with the name of each sushi inscribed on it. There is still no scientific research done to prove whether sleeping with this pajama will guarantee you to have a fishy dream. If you are interested to do the research please feel free to do the research and write the result here. You can find this product in www.pajamamania.com.

Sushi Messenger Bag

This particular messenger bag is sold in www.kaboodle.com. This bag has various image of sushi as its decoration. The name of each sushi is also included near each image. This will really help you if you want to tell your friend which sushi you ate yesterday or if you want to tell the waiter which sushi you want to order.

Sushi Clock

This sushi clock is a great example of creativity but telling what time it is would be something confusing with this clock. We can’t really tell our friend, “I will be there at salmon sushi o clock” can we? The name of the website selling this product is pretty straightforward and it is www.sushiclock.com.

Sushi USB

I used to hear that in the near future storing information in your food is possible. In a particular episode of Doraemon, there is a story where Nobita memorize his textbooks by writing the content into bread and eat them. These sushi USBs are probably the first step to make learning a more delicious thing to do. These USBs are sold in Japan Store website.

Sushi Magnet

These sushi shaped magnets are intended to be used as refrigerator decorations. The producers of refrigerator decorations are already known to use various foods as the themes of their product. So this is not really a surprise for me.

Sushi-themed Lego

It is often believed that playing with lego is a good thing for creativity. The image above should prove that without doubt. One of the product designers in Lego Inc. was probably either a sushi chef or an avid sushi mania.

Sushi Soaps

This bento box is filled with sushi shaped fruit scented soaps. These soap use ingredients like safflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, which are not going to be used to make real edible sushi. This product is available in www.kaboodle.com.

Sushi Mobile Phone Strap

Mobile phone straps were originally designed by the Japanese to help users hold their mobile phone. Then creative designers and producer begin decorating the straps with various themes. This ikura sushi shaped straps in but one out of many designs available in the market. This sushi mobile phone strap can be found in www.7gadget.com.

Sushi Pillow

These pillows depicted above are made after salmon sushi, California roll and tuna sushi. Both the salmon sushi and the tuna sushi consist of two pieces of differently colored pillows tied together with a black strap to resemble the seaweed used to make real sushi.

Sushi Spare Tire

The source of this image mentioned that this was spare tire advertising attempt by some sushi restaurant. Nice pun indeed.

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  1. Jane
    Posted December 3, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    when my friend tay and i are old enough to get cars, we’ll definatly get those tire covers!

  2. Posted January 16, 2009 at 2:45 am

    good article! I love sushi so much. yummy.

  3. Posted January 25, 2009 at 2:48 am

    I LOVE THIS ARTICLE – - I was laughing for so long!!

    I’m still giggling*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  4. Posted February 25, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    Very entertaining. I love sushi but I never thought there were so many products for sushi fans.

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