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10 Things That Just Annoy You

Published by Nikita K in Offbeat
January 4th, 2008

The top 10 things that annoy me. Please note, I mean no offense to anyone. These are just meant to highlight the many funny notions of life.

  1. Traffic Lights

    Waiting for them in a large line is a bother anyway but when the line you are in has finally got the green, and the guy up front slowly drives away (and the rest including you follow him) you often find that had you been one car ahead, you could have made it before the lights turned red back again. Apart from that, in the UK, we have tragic lights which even give the pedestrians their safety.

    All one has to do is press a button and wait for their lights to go green while the traffic lights of those in cars go red. Talking from the driver’s perspective, it really kills me when some kids just press the button and then cross because there are no cars while the traffic lights for pedestrians is still red. Then, when you drive up to your signal, guess what happens? Your lights turn red, the pedestrians’ lights turn green and you have to wait even though there are no pedestrians crossing.

  2. Shopping For Groceries

    There couldn’t have been anything worse than having to buy another brand of food just because t he one you normally buy has run out. And I’ll abstain from talking about the widespread irritation caused when you walk around the shop just to find that the order of the racks in the shop has changed.

  3. Forwarded Mails

    I wonder if all those many sick children whose mails I’ve forwarded, ever got better. And even if they did, I wonder why they are the same age as they were five years ago. Moreover, I haven’t yet encountered any bad luck from not sending the mails which bestow good luck (for probably a minute, you never know) if we send them to 15 people but which give you 7 years bad luck if you don’t forward them.

  4. EBay Auctions

    It must be a really competitive world if there are more than 5 people bidding (very exuberantly, as if it’s a matter of life and death) on a pair of socks for probably 5 cents, in the deciding moments of an auction where the 5 cents actually sounds like a good bargain.

  5. Mobile Numbers

    In this age of technical gadgets, and offers as convenient as them, it really bugs me when there are over five numbers of the same person in your mobile phone and you don’t know which one to use.

  6. Movies

    Firstly, let’s review American teen movies. I agree that they are pretty interesting to watch (especially if you are a girl) and they do make you feel good about yourself towards the end but why does there have to be a hundred teen movies with basically the same storyline? Next, about those movies that are actually novels made into movies, it pains me to watch bits of the novel substituted for something that doesn’t match the perfection of the novel or something that has just been blatantly omitted.

  7. School Work and Office Work

    Not counting the number of times we have looked for a book in every nook and cranny of the house, turned the house upside down just to find it in your school bad or briefcase, another highly annoying issue is a pen. Especially, when you are on the phone, ready t o take a number, you never get a pen when you need it. It even vaguely annoys me to see pens with no lids on or when there are over five pens with average amounts of ink, enough to last you for a day, but still you have to buy a new one for your special report or an examination.

  8. Celebs On The News Who Get Mugged

    Celebs seem to make a big deal when they lost their handkerchief or on a more serious note about $1000 (which is nothing compared to the billions they earn just for posing in photographs) but poor old Mr. Smith up your road, aged 65, living on pensions, had his car stolen, dog house broken and had his purse stolen hasn’t made his story available on the news. (Please note, I don’t know if Paris Hilton ever got mugged but I just used her picture because she’s just the kind who might get mugged and not know. Besides, she is one of the press’s favorites.)

  9. Holidays

    It’s annoying to find you just gave away about $50 to a street vendor who sold you a pretty key chain just to find that all it would cost you is probably less than 50 cents. The worst thing is that you find the key chain breaks two days after you are in your own country. And all this happened just because you didn’t know your currency conversion when you bought the key chain in the first place. And isn’t it just so scabby when you “steal” soaps, towels and other negligible things from your hotel room and then pretend like nothing happened when you say that you are “paying for all of this”?

  10. “10 Things that … ” Articles

    Yes, cynical, but the number of articles titled “10 Things that … ” just seem to be going a bit over board and yet you read them anyway because you have to know what the 10 things are!

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  1. Posted June 23, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Forwarded emails drive me round the twist!!!! I HATE them!!!

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