56 Uses for the Common Pencil

I didn’t even knew there were so many. I did some cleaning yesterday to get rid of all the clutter I have on my desk and I found that I have a LOT of pencils. I thought what can I do with all those. I googled it and discovered there are so many ways to use pencils. Below are a lot of uses for a pencil but if you have another idea just say it. This is one of those never-ending lists so be creative.

1. Use them as chop sticks. It is best to not sharpen them before in order to avoid any further accidents.

2. Use two crayons to play drums. Just synchronize and start playing.

3. Good for sword fighting. Mini sword duels are the best when having less work or when you just want to play with your kids in the house on a rainy day.

4. Hippie Hairdo holder. Girls use pencils to quickly arrange their hair or you get a funky punky look. If you want to look cooler, use colored or funny design pencils.


5. Door stop. Ideal when you just want to get outside for a few moments and do not want to take the key or to be locked outside.

6. Clean your muddy shoe treads. After a short run in the park or a short trip in the mountains it’s time to clean the shoes and this is no easy work. But if you use the pencil you will finish the job faster.

7. Chew them when nervous. Or just because you have a bad habit that you can get over it.

8. Funny poses. Stick them in your ears, up your nose or under your lip just like fangs. This is a quick and easy way to lighten up someone’s mood.

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9. Darts arrows. Sharp them so they are quite pointy and play darts from close range

10. Measuring tool. When you have no other measuring tools around, the pencil is quite a saver.

11. Clean your ears with the erasers. Kind of yucky, but many do it. Look at your colleagues to see if you catch them red handed.


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