A Photo of a Boy Biking Atop a Lake, How True?

Published by in Offbeat
23rd Mar 2017

A sixteen year old British boy, Matt Whitehurst bikes on top of waterfor charity. He wants to raise the awareness for flood victims in London’s Lake District by riding his bicycle on a lake 75-feet deep and so he just did it!

Although many would say this may be produced with camera tricks or may haave resulted from optical illussions, he still insisted that it is real but he didin’t mine answering how he managed to perch his bicycle atop the waters of England’s Lake Buttermere.

He said, ”I can’t and won’t say how I did it, but plenty of people saw me and they’ll confirm it wasn’t a camera trick.” “The photos are real,” he added.

He performed the stunt to promote an upcoming cycling event that will raise money to build bridges destroyed in 2009 flooding.

Personally, I think there’s some kind of platform in the water and/or there’s something near the pedal which holds him on that position of hin in the picture. It can also be assumed that this picture was taken in a stolen-type one. Who knows?

Anyways, his cause in his teenage years is not bad yet is worth-doing and complementing as well! Let us for sometime commend on the good deeds and not put ourselves in the negative side for always. We salute you, Matt!

  • Robert

    Photoshop generated, i guess!