Amazing Sand Art: Run The Beasties are Coming!

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3rd Oct 2009

Dear Grandma

Having a lovely time, here on holiday at Amityville-On-Sea.

I am sending you some photographs to show you how wonderful and exciting it is.

You were right when you said there are lots of interesting creatures to see, and fun things to do beside the sea.

I made a new friend called Tom and we were making sand castles today when out of the sand popped a dragon….

I haven’t seen Tom since to ask him if he likes dragons like I do, but some of the other kids and grown ups did not seem very keen.

In fact some ladies starting making a right fuss – shouting and yelling until they heard a horse galloping along the beach.

Lucky for them a knight, who just happened to be passing by, had heard the racket they were making and come to have a look what was going on.

He even had a Princess with him to hold his sword and shield

It didn’t do him any good though.

I think he must have not practised very hard with dragons before (like what I do on the violin) because he didn’t win the fight.

The dragon did.

Some cats came onto the beach and they must have frightened the dragon because it went back under the sand again.

Aunty Mavis would not let me stroke the cats. She said we had to keep out of the way because some men were coming in a van to shoo them away.

They should not have come at dinnertime cos that way they would not have got eaten.

Aunty Mavis only likes sunbathing so I think all this fun was getting on her nerves.

When a man came along asking if she wanted to buy any watches she shouted at him.

He had a really cool pet with him though.

But Aunty Mavis said it was a smelly old thing and that I couldn’t cuddle it.

She said she had wasted her suntan cream today, and that all the excitement had been too much and made her feel “proper pooped”

So she said it was time to go home, back to the Bed and Breakfast I was staying in with mummy and daddy.

When I told daddy about what a good day I had had he laughed and said I could spin a good yarn, but I really should not tell fibs otherwise he wouldn’t buy me the Jack-in-the-Box he had promised to get me tomorrow.

But you know its true grandma because you have seen the pics.

Wish you were here

Your loving grandson


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  • Francois Hagnere

    Simply excellent! I loved both text and photos that are so amazing. Thank you BC.

  • Juancav

    Fantastic sand sculptures,masterpieces..

  • Patrick Bernauw

    What an amazing mix of words and images! Great job!

  • Allison Jae

    Beautiful sand sculptures.


    Simply amazing. The sand castles are really amazing. They did capture my attention. Good work anyway. :-)

  • Lauren Axelrod

    Talented artists, wow.

  • Lostash

    Love that last dragon shot!!! Incredible artwork!

  • Prettywolf

    Oh cool. some is really talented to do those sand sculptures they sure are beautiful. Loved the text to made it all very interesting

  • Louie Jerome

    Having trouble with the maximum security surrounding Pure Slinky!!!! I hope I pass this time. (3rd attempt!) I mean to say, I could be anybody……

    What a story, you will be competing with J K Rowling shortly. Oh, great pictures too!

  • Ruby Hawk

    Oh, My, these wonderful talented artists, and all their work will just sift away in the wind. It’s hard to understand putting so much work into it and it’s gone when the day is over.

  • Uma Shankari

    I’d like to know more about the sand art. Where did you take the pictures (assuming you took them)? Simply wonderful? Will everything be gone when the day is over as Ruby says?

  • Thewoodlandelf

    Wow, great pictures of some really great sand art! And the story was cute too.

  • SharifaMcFarlane

    These sculptures are great. The detail is amazing. I want to know how they got the smooth curves on that jeep.
    You also did some relly good storytelling.
    You have a good imagination and made a report on sand sculptures come to life, by filling it in with answers to questions thatviewers may not even have thought of asking.

  • martinpm

    you made a story from all that pics you have clicked, great work!!!

  • Rod Ferrandino

    I have trouble getting one upside-down pail of sand to stay without cracking. This piece is definitely up to your usual high standards.

  • Francois Hagnere

    Another I like it! Truly fascinating work!
    Thank you again.

  • Butterfly Dreaming

    Sand sculptures are amazing!

  • Brenda Nelson

    Revisited and Stumbled, what a fun read and great pictures.