Are You Afflicted with Text Neck?

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28th Mar 2017

New malady afflicts the uber-texter.

Texting has become as routine as breathing for many people.  And, like breathing-related ailments like asthma or COPD, texting is also making its way into the medical books.

Chiropractors in England say they have begun to notice a frequently occurring ailment among people who text frequently.  They have even dubbed it with the name “text neck.”

Hunching Over Causes Problems

Text neck, say the doctors, occurs when people spend so much time hunched over their cell phone or computer screen they begin to suffer pain.  The condition occurs because the joints and neck tissue protest being held in a single position for long periods of time, such as staring down at the cell or computer screen.

The medical experts suggest that at some point the human body will protest the constant craning of the neck and holding it rigid in one position.  The result could be a curvature problem that would cause serious health problems and necessitate medical intervention to correct.

Advice to the Text Neck Challenged

To prevent text neck, doctors suggest taking regular breaks, practice sitting up straight and holding phones higher and avoid looking down at your lap to text or type.

So, while text neck could become a serious problem, here is a question.  What would you call someone with text neck who texts while driving?  A victim.

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