Experience Siquijor – The Little Hogwarts in The Philippines

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5th Apr 2011

Every time I introduce myself I come from Siquijor, I sometimes hear offensive or hilarious reactions and comments from the audience. No matter what people say about this place, I am proud to have it as my birthplace and where I spent over a decade of innocence.

To ignore my exasperation, I would often blurt that Siquijor is the little Hogwarts in the Philippines. For all we know Hogwarts is a magical place in JK Rowling’s phenomenal book. It is where different forms of fictional characters exist. It is where Harry Potter and his witch friends spend their teen years to study. In the same way, the little Howarts in the Philippines is also known to have been inhabited with different forms of witches like “mambabarang” and “paktol”. For years people are afraid of this place. If in Harry Potter, Voldemort is so-called as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, it seemed like Siquijor is referred as “A-Place-that-Must-Not-Be-Named”. When they hear the word “Siquijor”, their reaction would transform from curiosity to a little cheeky. 

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Whenever I visit Siquijor, I always have stupid wishes to see real witches and monsters there. I want to see for myself if these creatures really do exist in my place. Two years ago when I had my vacation there, I went to “Tubig-dako”, where people used to call the birthplace of many creepy stories. Tubig-dako is a place near my elementary alma mater. It has a century old gigantic Balete tree with a swimming-pool-like body of water beside it. I used to swim there when I was little. My classmates and I used to sneak out in Tubig-dako before going home from school. During my last visit, I went there alone. I did not swim there though. The place had changed a little. The tree was even healthier. The water though shallower appeared cleaner. Though it was already cemented, it is as enticing as I have remembered it. I spent a few hours thee taking ‘vanity poses’ poses with the tree. I went home a little disappointed. I did not see any of those creatures mentioned in the creepy stories about the place.

If you want to see for yourself if the rumors about the place are true, I challenge you to go there. If you can’t see the magical creatures you wish to see there, for sure you will experience the paradise of Siquijor Island. It is blessed with beautiful white-sand beaches like Salag-doong Beach and Coco Grove Beach.

And next time, if I happen to meet a “Harry Potter” type of people there, I would surely volunteer to have a drop of their blood. If that’s the way to inherit their powers, then I would dare try to have it and spread the news… lol

  • bolive

    Hoping to visit Siquijor. Great article!

  • oncewantobeawriter

    yes, my aunt’s husband is from Siquijor. Heard some stories about the place. I saw creepy and unusual thing when I was young. I guess, Siquijor is a nice place to visit. Nice Article.

  • lapasan

    It’s ironic that such a beautiful place is associated with witches and other superstitious beliefs. The place should be a tourist spot.

  • Brewed Coffee

    I am curious how that branding came about. Any idea? It does seem to be a beautiful and enchanting place, the way you described it. Such a pity that people painted a different picture of the place and its inhabitants.

  • aprilsong

    thanks for your nice article about this place.

  • adatillis

    good article.Police replica watches

  • lian rosa

    I was told that Siquijor has beatiful beaches. I also heard about associating it with something eerie and mystic. I know of few people who usually go there to consult with “healers” as they call them. I met one actually just a few months back and she had few mystical stories to tell. I just do not know if they were true.

  • SittieCates

    Got a friend who hails from that place. She’s cool. And, just like you, she may want to volunteer to get some of the power of the other locals who live there. I’ve also heard a lot of eerie tales about that place before.

  • Anupatil

    Nice to know about the place .

  • Likha

    I would like to find out how that silly impression came about. You should really be proud of your hometown.


    It was just great experience for you, hoping to be there too.

  • JingJing

    tangina tol!
    My batchmate came from Siquijor hahaha, you’re nickname isn’t pengpeng is it?

    He would always yap on about, this article has piqued my curiosity now. Looks like a nice part of Philippines.

    Ngem baka na maymayat ti luzon. (for you ilocano speakers)

    Oh yea, i read from this book How To Survive 2012 that some parts of Philippines are good safe spots. Might kill two birds with one stone next year; visit Siquijor and live permanently in philippines hehe

  • Kamylle Victoria

    woooow! this is a very profficeint article…the attention getter was really interesting!

  • adicodrean1967

    great job