Famous UFO Sightings By The Rich and Famous

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Think the only people who ever see UFOs are your average everyday Joes? In actuality, there have been a variety of famous UFO sightings by celebrities and politicians. Here are celebrities who reportedly have sited UFOs:

William Shatner

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The well known star of the popular science fiction series Star Trek publicly stated that his life had been saved by the presence of a UFO. He and a few friends were riding their motorcycles in the Mojave Desert when Shatner stopped to take a water break. His friends moved on believing Shatner would be close behind them. Unfortunately, Shatner’s motorcycle wouldn’t start back up and his water supply was depleted. After collapsing due to the heat, he reportedly spotted a UFO in the sky which propelled him to walk in a certain direction. After following the UFO, he safely reached a gas station and was able to replenish his water supply. Shatner credited the UFO for saving his life.

Muhammad Ali

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Boxing champion Muhammad Ali claimed to have spotted UFOs on numerous different occasions. One sighting occurred while he was jogging in Central Park in New York City along with his manager. He looked up into the sky to see a glowing, bright light which appeared to move until it was directly in line with him. It’s unclear as to whether his manager witnessed the same bright light.

Jimmy Carter

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Yes, even a U.S. president reportedly witnessed a UFO. The sighting occurred in 1969 when Carter was waiting outside to attend a Lion’s Club meeting in Leary, Georgia. Ten other men were with him. The men reportedly looked up into the sky and saw a brilliant light in the evening sky. It appeared to repeatedly change color before their eyes. Experts believe that what Carter saw was actually the planet Venus in the nighttime sky.

Jackie Gleason

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Jackie Gleason reported witnessing the presence of UFOs several times in his lifetime and was considered to be somewhat of a UFO buff. He even had a house built in the shape of one. His first sighting of a UFO occurred from the window of a hotel room in London in the mid 1960’s. The second occurred several years later when he was out walking his dog.

Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger claimed to have seen two UFOs in his lifetime. One such sighting occurred when he was giving a concert in California. Mick claimed that the massive UFO hovered above the site of his concert performance for several minutes. So convinced was he of the presence of UFOs, he even had a UFO detector installed in his home.

Judging from this list of famous UFO sightings, even the rich and famous have had their encounters with alien aircraft. Were they real, figments of the imagination, or just publicity stunts? The truth may never be known.

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