Five Signs of The Zombie Apocalypse

Cover of Shaun of the Dead

  1. Mass hysteria. This could be people running about screaming, a mass exodus from urban centers, riots, looting and the like. This could also be the sign of social unrest, revolution, or natural disaster, so keep looking for other signs before shooting the neighbors.

  2. Loss of Electrical Power. Two reasons this would happen immediately: First-Zombies have eaten the staff at the power plant and there is no one left (alive anyway) to man the system; Second-The staff at the power plant have fled so that they can say one last goodbye to their loved ones, and then try to not get eaten.

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    There will be a lot of mysterious death in the form of outbreaks of disease of unknown origin. This will most likely happen in a refugee camp, as the living conditions and sanitation will be poor so it will spread quickly. Zombieism.

  4. The news media will be running right up to the very end, so look for stories about mysterious death, outbreaks of disease, and of course, zombies.

  5. Ummm….zombies….duh. These could be in the form of the classical slow moving, really stupid, oozing goo sort of living dead, or the more modern fast moving, learning sort. I personally think it will be something in between the two. They will be a sort of medium speed, oozing but learning zombie that will eventually remember that in another life he owned a Beamer, had a wife and three kids (whom he ate) and is horrifically late for his job at the bank and will never get that promotion from his tight ass boss (whom he also ate). This will lead to mass zombie suicide, but also a more driven zombie, trying to get ‘a head’ in the world.

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