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Godmen in Sex Trade

Published by thresiapaulose in Offbeat
June 23rd, 2008

Sex is a powerful instinct given by God for the well being of humanity. In the modern commercialized world, some religious people or godmen are using it as a means of their selfish business.

Godmen once roaming about in streets singing the glory of God and showing people the path to Eternal Bliss are now leading a luxurious life and are seen to have the potential to hide everything under their mantle of spiritual powers. During the past few months there had been attempts of sacking some of these so called godmen. Grateful tributes should go to Santhosh Madhavan of Kerala State for being the starting point of this social wave now sweeping out fake godmen or women, swamijis, miracle healers, soothsayers, etc. all over the country. They all could survive easily cheating thousands of ignorant people and evading from the clutches of law as they were safe under their guaranteed insulation veil of saffron or white cloaks.

Arrest of the Godman Santhosh Madhavan

Santhosh Madhavan alias Swami Amritananthachaithanya was arrested on May 13 and charged with the rape of a teenaged girl, possession of marijuana and cheating a Dubai-based woman of four million rupees. A tiger skin, documents of illegal assets and a large number of pornographic films were also recovered from his house here. There were also charges against him as two minor girls testified before the Kothamangalam magistrate in Ernakulam district that they too were sexually abused by him. And the list is going on!

Another Godman within Two Days

Before this news about Santhosh Madhavan could subside, another “fake godman”, Bhadranandaji, was arrested for the same kind of allegations. Popularly known as “Ernakulam Swami”, Bhadrananda was arrested at his residence after which he even threatened to shoot himself. Bhadrananda created a scene at the Aluva police station on May 17 by making suicide threats with his pistol. It is to be noted that he also fired shots inside the police campus even as the police tried to snatch the pistol from him. Before long a list of such godmen from different parts of the state came to light and searches are still going on.

Everyday Hot News

There is no wonder that everyday media brings out fresh and hot news about these men in the holy cloaks of religion exhibiting wonderful powers of their yogic talents with unimaginable hot stories. Sometime back there was a depraved godman called Premanada found guilty of raping many inmates of his ashram. There are several other godmen that lie burrowed across the country in the form of astrologers, message agents, miracle makers, amulet salesmen and so on. It is high time to reflect what makes these people flourish.

Godmen in Sex Sales Promising Heavenly Bliss

People throng to them dedicating everything including their bodies to appease gods and achieve what they wish for. Indian people are religious minded and it become easier for them to satiate their cravings through such underground activities ignored by others. These godmen could easily win over these people with their ritual techniques just for a mean amount for their powerful Poojas. It is said that the Naked Pooja (service of sacrifice laying the client naked on the altar) conducted by these godmen could grant them anything they wish for.

Superstitions and Beliefs in Occult Powers

The astrological information columns in the Indian newspapers and magazines can tell you how the people of India are influenced by the superstitious powers and running after these godmen. The simple reason how they flourish is that they promise heaven on this earth by showing shortcuts! Recent arrests have proved how hungrily our people are seeking shortcuts of these godmen to be relieved from their worries and problems. Even the religious minded or superstitious government officials are dumb and inactive against these people.

Recognize These Sex Mongers

Globalization and fast communication have enabled sprouting of godmen like Santhosh Madhavan under the safe veils of religious mantles. Trees can be known by their fruits and it is the duty of every conscious human being to check such wild animals in the guise of innocent goats.

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