Honey, I Lost The Car! Tricks to Remembering Where You Parked Your Wheels

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25th Mar 2017

Tips on finding your car in crowded parking lots.

More than 95% of car journeys end with free parking in the United States but almost the same number result in people forgetting where they parked the car.  The problem is particularly acute in large parking lots such as at the mall, the airport or park and ride schemes and there are a number of solutions to help you find your wheels after you have shopped and are ready to drop.

Memory Tricks

Modern car lots, especially the multi-storey variety have fairly good numbering and referencing so you know what floor you parked on and what section.  Unfortunately, many drivers are in such a hurry to get to where they are heading that they forget to take the simple precaution of noting the reference and getting some bearings.

|First of all, there is simply developing the habit when you park your vehicle of simply taking stock of where you are at and mentally marking some landmarks in your mind.  We are primarily visual creatures so this will help, but in larger parking buildings where the layout is the same from floor to floor, we need something better.

Word association is one technique you can use and it works like this.  You’re parked on Floor 4, row F, parking lot 7 – the problem is unless you write that down you are likely to forget it.  This is where word association can be helpful – by imagining in your mind what is associated with each part of the coordinates with something more familiar to you.  For instance, Floor 4 becomes the Four Seasons’ row F becomes French fries; and finally, parking lot 7 becomes Seven Days in a Week.  Put them all together and you have something like,

“All 4 seasons we eat French fries 7 days a week”.

That line is far more memorable than trying to remember Floor 4, row F, parking lot 7.

The Modern World – Make a Memo to Self

With technology available to all of us today it is a simple matter to make a voice memo to ourselves of where we parked the car.  Many cell phones and mp3 players have the capacity to record our voice, so it’s a simple matter to hit record and make a simple recording.  If our technology is not set up for voice recording, we can send ourselves a text, but then again, whatever was wrong with using a pen and a piece of paper?

The Modern World – Use your Smart Phone

If you want to be a real techno-geek and use technology to the fullest extent, then there are some smart apps for smart phones which will tell you exactly where you parked the car.  Working for both iPhone, Android compatible phones or any Smart Phone on the market today, you can simply hit a button for your Smart Phone to remember the location of your car and even guide you back to it when you are returning from your chores.

Obviously, the world has come a long way since people started putting orange balls on the end of their radio aerials!

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