How are You?

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16th Dec 2010

It’s been quite awhile since I had my last post. To be exact, it’s been 3 weeks… I am always online though. Aside from online blogging and writing articles, there are so many online things that I wanted to explore also. Right now, I am active in It is a creative site which I recently enjoy and in fact I spend most of my free time in this site. So far I have 7 entries for the Photoshop category and luckily one of them ranked first after the final judging. If you are interested, you may visit it and have yourself registered. I am sure you will have another wonderful place to spend your creative minds with. That’s it.  That’s how I have been doing these past few days. How about?

I would appreciate if you leave your comments so I would know the latest update of my Triond friends… Cheers!

By the way, here are some of my creations you may wish to visit…

Slow Man

Teapot Robot

Stairway to the Moon

The 6 Titans

Make Face

  • Anupatil

    Very nice to know i saw the teapot robot its really very amazing.

  • albert1jemi


  • Rhodora Bande

    Hey Franklin, that’s a nice online activity. Will you not write for Triond’s December Special? You have one for Purpleslinky. Dali, apas ta.

  • sloanie

    Its nice to know all is well with you, have missed your comments.

  • lapasan

    It’s nice to know that you are back here.

  • Eunice Tan

    Welcame back to Triond.


    Good share

  • The Quail 1957

    Thank you for the heads up. I wish you the best of luck. Great article will be watching for more from you.

  • SimplyShash

    Welcome back Frank. :-)

  • Larry Fish

    Many places online where our talents can be shown.

  • LCM Linda

    Welcome back. Check for the December Special see if you can manage to write five articles in the assigned 11 sites. You got one qualified already.

  • irenen1

    Wondering where you’ve been. Miss your articles.

  • LadyElena

    Good to see you back and good luck with the new site.

  • Adrn0919

    Congratulations on your photo placement. Thank you for sharing.

  • papaleng

    Kaya pala nawawalaka. Congrats, Kabayan sa success mo. I’ll try to visit the site, later.

  • clay hurtubise

    Good to hear from you.