How Long Do Carriers Store Your Data?

The graphics look very interesting answer to the question about how long the carrier to save all data ISN, AOT is stored directly on your phone, such as the content of text messages and call detail records.

One of the things that people seem to make the most of the day is the text. Is not this, SMS AOT only occasionally, but the SMS by thousands.

Long messages almost always removed if it is to hide the evidence of that night is better not to remember or because they simply slow down the phone, using a fund. Now what if we said that even after deleting the messages from the device, the content of the message is still living with your mobile operator? Fortunately, only one country, OSA four largest operators store the message content.

That would be Verizon Wireless. It is not, AOT for a long time, but the message is stored by Verizon for a period of 3-5 days. The other three companies, T-Mobile, AT & T and Sprint do, AOT keep the contents of the message at all. However, the four operators to keep detailed text messages.

It is, AOT contains what is written in the text but does not show that was sent and when. AT & T is the worst when it comes to detail keep the text messages. They maintain that data anywhere from 5-7 years. Verizon may have worse comes to keeping the content of the message, but the best when it comes to keeping the details of the message, save it to a rolling period of the year.

Infographic interact with so many others, such as the history of the cell tower, a copy of the invoice, call detail records, etc. It is just a little knowledge of what mobile operators are doing all of the data do not, AOT saved on your phone. Some operators even worse than others, but all of them are pretty bad to be honest. See the chart and tell us what you think.

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