Jinn, Defense Against

Published by in Offbeat
13th Sep 2016

A brief explanatory article discussing ways to defend oneself against Jinn.

It is said that several jinn, or genies, lent their power to King Solomon in ancient times. According to the lore, King Solomon enslaved the jinn and forced them to do many things for him.

In 1998 CE a Pakistani scientist went so far as to suggest that if humans could simply “develop our souls” we could communicate with jinn and use their power to solve the energy shortage we are facing in the modern world.

Such is the power attributed to these preternatural beings.

These things are said to arrive on the Earthly plane by way of fire that gives off no smoke. It is also said that when evil people die, they return to this plane as jinn.

Jinn are, according to the lore surrounding them, able to shapeshift, become invisible, drive people insane, fly, cross from the Earthly plane to other worlds and grant wishes to those who are powerful enough to enslave one of them. Jinn are said to be hideously ugly and horribly evil demons.

According to the lore, the only true way of fending off a jinn is Muslim prayer. However, for those who are, like me, not Muslim—I’m Wiccan—there would be no faith behind the prayer. As such, I would recommend prayers to whichever deity or deities you happen to worship. This is apt to be more effective if you have a good relationship with them.

Protective crystals—agate, especially eye agate, beryl, black tourmaline, blue chalcedony, coral, garnet, herkimer, diamond, malachite, pyrite, quartz, salt, sapphire, snowflake obsidian, tiger iron and turquoise—can might be used to ward against a jinn. These are sometimes used in a sachet, often when combined with protective herbs.

Protective herbs—Basil, Dragon’s Blood, Fern, Fumitory, Ginseng Root, Mint, Myrrh, Pine, Sage, Sagebrush, Sandalwood, Vervain, Willow and Wisteria—might also be of use here. Sometimes these are burned as incense. Others prefer to use them in a sachet. Such sachets are commonly worn around the neck on a cord.

Thought-forms are another option.

Simply put, thought-forms are constructs of pure energy that are created by a practitioner of magick and tasked with something. Not everyone is comfortable using them because of the close parallels to slavery. Personally, I resisted the idea myself for a long while before finally creating my first thought-form several years ago.