King Michael, a Russian Magazine Hitler Always Hated Me. Antonescu Did Not Respected Me and Ignored Me

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1st Dec 2016

“Let’s go” – a man long past the age of youth, dressed in a blue tracksuit suit, he twisted the key in the ignition of the car firmly Volkswagen. Embarrassed, completely fail to get along with safety belt. The problem is that my driver was none other than His Majesty, King Michael I of Romania’s last king. Head of the Royal Chancellery, constant gentle Iorga phone assured me that I have “met” in a station in the Swiss canton of Vaud. But I expected that it will be even man-legend. King Michael is real participant and creator of events historical. So is Michael King presented in a magazine interview published Ogoniok, supplement to Kommersant newspaper , who wrote him that “Hitler had lunch, drank tea with Mussolini, became Soviet Victory Medal and the land, almost alone, Stalin’s chest. “

In recent years I’ve had the pleasure to meet several times with the sovereign, either in Switzerland or at the Bucharest Palace where the royal family has little Elizabeth. This year, King has turned 90 years, writes the author interview, Konstantin Eggert.

Reporter: Your Majesty, 23 August 1944 have entered into history. How was it?
Michael King: When I woke up that morning of August 23 I was convinced that I will not start tomorrow. But I decided to remove Romania from its alliance with Hitler. Stalin’s army was close to Romania, the front had broken off and people were sick of war. I called the marshal and Minister Mihai Antonescu exten Palace. When they arrived, I presented my point of view of the situation: Romania should ask for a truce in the USSR, Great Britain and the United States. Antonescu responded: “First I need to consult with Hitler.”And then I said: “That’s nothing to do.” It was the signal for my Adjutant, Captain Dumitrescu. He entered the room accompanied by three officers.They said they Antonescu: “You are arrested.” Marshall has emerged from the wires. ”I can not leave the country on a child’s hand.” He started shouting at the General Sănătescu, my boss military chancellery, the future prime minister. Antonescu was taken, and I got involved in training the future cabinet. The same day, the Luftwaffe planes bombed Bucharest. The Royal Palace was one of the targets – on him a few bombs were thrown. Hitler always hated me, hated the idea of monarchy in general, because the ruler is a symbol of legitimacy and continuity of power.

Reporter: Is it true that Antonescu was locked for a time in the room where your father, Carol II, store stamps?
Michael King: Yes, in reality there was a room but a house a huge money armored. For that matter, there was no stamp room. In August 1944 my father was already five years in exile, where he had gone along with all numersoasele exhibits.

Reporter: On 6 September 1940, Antonescu forced King Carol to sign the abdication. How did that happen?
Michael King: Very easy and fast. My father called me and informed me that the palace must leave the country. A little later in the presence of the Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch Nicodemus have sworn and I became king.

Reporter: It is said that Antonescu wanted to abolish the monarchy. 
Michael King: Antonescu respected me and basically ignored me. But he did a good thing – mother allowed him to return to Bucharest and take the title of “queen mother”.

Reporter: Regina Elena was not only your mother, but a best friend and political adviser. Right?
Michael King: Absolutely correct. The days spent together were the happiest of my life. It was a unique personality. I say this not because I am her son.My mother was a deeply faithful man, and always respected the high moral principles. There was something that I would define as moral intituitie.Instinctively knew how to distinguish good evil.

Reporter: How would Hitler stayed in memory?
Michael King: I do not speak German. For the first time I saw this monster when I visited with my father, after his official visit to England in 1938.Another time we met, very briefly, accompanied by his mother in January 1941, on his way to Italy. The mother sustained conversation, because he spoke German very well. As always, Hitler did not listen to only himself and spoke at more than all. He and his men have left an impression on me repulsive. You know, until Mussolini and I felt more at ease. In any case, I could talk to him in Italian.

Reporter: In 1941, Romania declared war on the Soviet Union, its troops have occupied Odessa, fought in Crimea. Consider now that was a mistake?
Michael King: It was a decision made ​​by Antonescu. I do not even consulted.But I will say that the Romanian people suffered from the annexation of Bessarabia to the USSR and the war to recover so they enjoy popularity. And the fact that Hitler left Antonescu Romania to draw in a long war led to the catastrophe. Antonescu At his request, went to the front to hand out medals soldiers. I was including the Livadia Palace where he died the same grandfather, Emperor Alexander III. Who could imagine that in February 1945, Stalin, Roosevelt and Cherchill all there to discuss postwar boundaries of influence in Europe and will give Romania’s Stalin?

Reporter: But Stalin would decorated with the Order of Victory – for their contribution to the destruction of Nazism. Where is she?
Michael King: In the bank vault.

Reporter: What happened after that?
Michael King: From 1944 until 1947, Romania has lived in a surreal atmosphere. Government and state apparatus were put well with the Communists, but remained head of state formally the king is me. At one point I even declared the strike and refused to sign decrees of cabinet ministers.

Reporter: In Bucharest, you have entered the office of Elizabeth Palace.He remained virtually unchanged since Stalin’s envoy, Andrei Visinski has yelled at you
Michael King: He asked me to obey Moscow and even dared to fight with fist on the table. When asked to leave the palace. Visinski was so angry that she gushed, pure and simple room. A door slammed so hard, that came off a piece of plaster that fell on the floor noise.

Reporter: On 30 December 1947 have been practically forced to abdicate. How did that happen?
Michael King: communist leader Gheorghe Gheorghe-Dej, and Prime Minister Petru Groza, who was not a communist, but it was a good relationship with them, asked me to get them to discuss, as they expressed it, ” family matters. “ I think they want to talk about my engagement to Princess Anna.Instead, the two I presented the project for the abdication of a leaflet and asked me to sign it in 30 minutes. I told them: “No way it works. The people must express their will “. I responded: “No time for it.”

Reporter: You have had virtually no choice.
Michael King: None. Groza Gheorghiu-Dej and threatened to execute them before the students arrested during an anti-communist demonstrations in Bucharest. I looked out the window and saw the palace guard had been replaced with a fair division of troops dressed in Soviet communists. The building was indraptata artillery. I wanted to hold on to power at the price of innocent lives and I signed the manifesto. After I submitted my signature, Groza was hit on the pocket, where there was a gun and she smiled rude. ”I would not wish a repeat of Antonescu’s fate.