Leave Libya Alone

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12th Dec 2016

Once again America has gotten itself involved in another pointless war, only this time it wasn’t some spoiled rich kid that calls himself a president.  It’s a man the we the people voted in to end wars and solve our nations problems.  I both surprised and disappointed that Mr. Obama went ahead and launched an unauthorized war that nobody wanted to happen.  It has happened.  What American’s do now is simple: we disagree with the invasion just as we did with Afghanistan and Iraq.

We all know this is about, it’s about the oilfields and Western Imperial dominance dominance of the Middle East.  They lost their puppet head of state in Egypt and now that the Middle East is aflame with revolution, those imperial pigs wanna squelch all resistance the foreign Imperialism and attack the strongest one of them.

Libya has become that target, just as Iran and Pakistan have become.

The American, British and French Imperial governments, along with the North America Terrorist Organization (NATO) have been launching air strikes on Libya, claiming that their mission is for humanitarian purposes.

Humanitarian? Their is nothing humane about bombing innocent civilians and leaving them to die.  The thousands who have fled to nearby countries within the Mediterranean are being given the cold shoulder by the very governments that took them in.  They’ve all been kicked to the curb and regarded as nothing more than street trash.

With joblessness, debt and poverty skyrocketing and accountability in the toilet, there is just one question I have left.  When will Western Civilization fall again?

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