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Man Conducts Electricity?!

Published by Aleksandar Radojicic in Offbeat
March 14th, 2010

When a man touches a power outlet or any other source of electricity the outcome is usually pain and in some cases death, but not for this man!

Remember when your mother would tell you not to stick your fingers into power outlets? Well, this man obviously didn’t need to listen to his mother. A Serbian man by the name of Slavisa Pajkic from the county of Pozarevac can actually conduct electricity! Can you believe it? He entered the Guinness book of records twice. The first time in 1983 when he took a hit of 20.000 volts even though 68 volts is enough to kill a man. He got into Guinness a second time in 2003  in Stockholm by heating up water to 97 degrees Celsius in 1 minute and 37 seconds.This man now holds the world record for most electricity conducted through a man’s body! He can fry a sausage in less than 20 seconds. Useful, right? Scientists believe this to be a rare error on his genes in which the man has no sweat glands allowing him to be a pretty good conductor! If they ever make another Mortal Combat movie they should cast this guy as Raiden!  Is he a force of nature not to be reckoned with or just another one of mother nature’s amazing experiments?

Anyways, without further adieu here are some pictures and a video of that man! Enjoy!

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