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1st Jan 2017

How many people give high fives or shake hands upon greeting?  Well what happens when you’re suddenly told that you can’t …

A school in London has imposed a “no contact” rule that bans students from high-fiving, handshakes, and even hugging.  The rule is supposed to prevent fights and bullying.  A spokeswoman for the school said, “physical contact between students is not allowed because it is often associated with poor behavior…”  The school’s Principal adds that “it creates a disciplined environment which is essential for learning and respect.”

Personally I believe that this is a very cold policy and it is sad that the children are missing out on  a special type of closeness that they need at that age.  It is too bad that the school could not have come up with a different solution to their bully problem.

Ever wanted to protest your dress code?  Well here’s a boy who did and actually got things done.

A 12-year-old boy went to school in Cambridge, England in a skirt to protest over a teacher’s decision to ban shorts.  Chris Whitehead was angered by rules that do not allow boys to wear shorts in hot weather.  He said he researched the policy and found a loophole in the rules turning up in school wearing a skirt.  Because of his demonstration, the school has pledged to review the policy.

This is the classic example where one person CAN make a difference.  If he had not taken a stand then nothing would have changed.