Nostradamus: The Black President and the End of the World in 2012

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11th Nov 2008

There are circulating on the worldwide web some really idiotic but also possibly dangerous rumours, featuring  Nostradamus, Barack Obama, Antichrist III and the End of the World (2012). The theories are extremely silly, undoubtedly. But they get quite dangerous too when you think of the idiots who might be taking some action, just because of that sort of rumours.  They create “Osama Obama Shotgun Pool” in Maine, because they just KNOW Obama is the AntiChrist (his name rhymes with Osama, says Mister Arkwriter)! And then there are video’s like this one:

Take the last two letters from “Obama” and the first three of “Bush” and you get “Mabus”. Some self-declared experts say that “Mabus” is the name of the guy who, according to the 16th century prophet Nostradamus, would be the third Antichrist (after Pau Nay Oloron who was Napoleon, and Hister who was Hitler).

Now, I don’t understand why Obama has to be the Antichrist. Why it can’t be George W. Bush? Or, for that matter, Osama bin Laden… You’ll get also a “Mabus” if you combine the names “Osama” and “Bush”! Okay, Osama or George W. Bush are not living in Chicago and Barack Obama is! And what is the zipcode of Chicago? 60606! Eliminate the zero’s and you get 666, the Number of the Beast! It’s that simple, really.

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There is only one minor problem with the whole theory: Nostradamus has never said a Mr. Mabus will be the Antichrist. In Century 2, Quatrain 62 he states that “when Mabus will die”, there will be “a horrible undoing of people and animals”. That’s all, folks.

Interesting footnote in the Mabus=Antichrist Hoax: the former Governor of Mississippi, Ray Mabus, served in the Clinton era as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and is working now as Obama’s adviser on Middle Eastern issues. This leads other Nostradamiacs to speculate about the assassination of Mr. Mabus, working somewhere in the Middle East in the Obama administration, which could fuel a horrible counter-attack by Obama. Quatrain 62 mentions “a vengeance” and “a comet”, and of course this comet has to be the nuclear missile that will start the Final Countdown to an apocalyptic World War III!

Still not convinced that Nostradamus tells you Bad Shit Will Happen when Obama goes to the White House? Okay, then listen to this argument… Barack Obama would be the first Black President in the White House, am I right or am I right? And who is described as “black in attribute”? The Man in Black, Johnny Cash? Yeah, but he is no longer among us… The Men in Black, coming from Outer Space? No, my dear friends, let the aliens out of it and let’s talk about Satan, who will now take over the White Mansion, known as Heaven! He will be there until 2012, and who said the world would end in 2012? Nostradamus, indeed!

  • Lauren Axelrod

    I’m all for stories about codes and the end of the word but, you have to watch the facts and the quotes. Keep the vulgarities out of the written word and the message will come across a bit more clearly.Interesting read and great research.

  • A dude

    This is so poorly written. What is your actual point? If it’s an attempt to score some points by inducing fear in people then you must be Satan yourself. Write it in your mother language to people that might understand waht you are actually trying to say. Or better still, get a job as a barista.

  • A dude

    I mean why are you even bothering to expose this video. Surely the less people that know about it the better. I see you’ve attracted some spam in the first comment, or is that you hiding behind a veil?

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Hey dude, are you serious? “There are circulating on the worldwide web some really idiot but also possibly dangerous rumours, featuring Nostradamus, Barack Obama, Antichrist III and the End of the World (2012).” – Can’t you read a sentence that simple? Okay, I must admit, it is extremely poorly written, but still… (*)

  • Patrick Bernauw

    (*) The barista (hiding behind the veil of A dude) said it sure wasn’t his cup of coffee!

  • edgar

    oh and one more thing..
    the openiing of your rant focuses on the video and ideas in the video as “dangerous”…?

    who exactly is in danger?

    cmon man, the real danger is not from nostradamus and his puzzle of prophecies..the danger is the unwillingness of people to examine all information not just those handed to us nice and neat on a silver platter..

  • Patrick Bernauw

    None of the quatrains you mention in the video was written by Nostradamus, there are a few hoaxes in your video and some racist White Power ficton. It isn’t Nostradamus who has said that the world will come to an end in 2012, and Nostradamus hasn’t said a “Mabus” will be the Antichrist. The quatrain “Nostradomus” (sic) never has written about “the great empire torn from limb” and “the dark one from slaves come” (Obama didn’t come from slaves), is set over an Obama picture… Your video is misleading, untrue, sick and not even well researched. But when you read the forums and the blogs, there are obviously many morons who believe this nonsense. They don’t check your so-called “information”, they are the ignorant and obedient people you are LOL-ling about, they don’t “question everything you hear”. So, your video is not only based on pure nonsense and racist stupidities, it’s dangerous too.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    There isn’t a word of Nostradamus in the “prophecies” your video is about. So, what are you saying now? That you have made a video with these so-called “Nostradamus prophecies” in it, to open the eyes of “the ignorant people”, unwilling to examine all information, “not just those handed to us nice and neat on a silver platter”?

  • Bren Parks

    What we all need to remember is that nothing is ever set in stone. In fact, the calendar of the ancient pyramids predicts that this event won’t take place for another several hundred years. So, it really is just a matter of opinion on the whole 2012 issue. In fact according to the calendar of the pyramids this will all happen in the year 2979. Their calendar system is accurate and very prophetic.
    What we need to remember is that all destiny is dynamic in nature.
    For more info on the pyramid calendars read my article Interesting and Ironic Facts About The Great Pyramids of Egypt. Patrick is right in his conclusions.

  • Tom Dockery

    Obama is no such thing.At century’s end,he will be a footnote while Palin will be a giant.In 2012,African-Americans will again be chanting:”Let the brother go”.He will be the Willie Randolph of the Presidency.In 2028,we’ll be seeing him shooting hoops on the South Side,reminding people of the images of Herbert Hoover fishing in the 1950’s.

  • edgar

    I produced the video above..
    btw thanks for the plug.
    The video never mentions obama being the antichrist..if you actually watch and keep the judging to a minimum, your lil brain will tell you that the video says ”the next president will PRESIDE over the coming of the antichrist” not BE the antichrist.
    You are correct however about the 1sat quatraint about the ”city of god” wasn’t written by nostra and i have not changed it since i was made aware.

    If everyone would just take a moment and turn off that bright box called the TV and start making judgments of your own and not what some guy in a suit tells you, maybe we all wouldn’t be such gullable sheep. Think alittle bit bigger..question everything you hear, don’t accept it… they want you to be ignorant, obedient people influenced and swayed with no you get it
    You know Its interesting that scripture writes that the antichrist will be a great man of peace that will encapsulate all and unite us as one…

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Oh… ALL the quatrains are not false? “After further research” you have to admit that two of them are false, okay… but not all of them! And you, no doubt, will tell us which quatrains are false, which quatrains are bad translations of the old French and which are true, oh yeah! And we all have to believe you, right!… Now I’m LOL-ling, my friend! – By the way, your allegation of me being “a scared Nostradamus hater” set me LOL-ling again. Wrote a couple of books about the man and his work, but, of course, you’re the expert here, as everyone can see! (You undoubtedly read also Nostradamus’ old French?)

  • edgar

    So do you even believe nostradamus wrote prophecies..please, if all of the quatraints are false, share some that arent mr “i wrote a book on nostradamus” LOL..

    Thats a hater..

    just don’t call me a racist.

  • edgar

    Its sad that you think this video is racist in anyway shape or form. There is not an ounce of racism towards any culture, race, or group. It may be the case that u are substituting ur own biggoted thoughts upon my vid. Save ur useless banter about racism for your 7 oclock poli sci class.

    Also, please again refrain from adding things to the video that arent there. I say the world will CHANGE in 2012, not END..are u a freshman ”journalist”.

    All the quatraints are NOT false. After further research, it is true that two of the quatraints are false, but the rest are all accurate. please refer to the following..

    Century V1 quatraint 97
    Century 1, Quatraint 87

    Read it then tell me ALL of the quatraints are false.
    I just think ur a scared Nostradamus hater lol

    Most all of the nostradamus ”scholars” believe that Mabus is the name of the predicted anti christ..the following are the only quatraints about Mabus..
    Century 2 quatraint 62
    Century 8 quatraint 77

    I’m not saying obama is the antichrist, or bush, or even you..
    i am saying however that at a time when we have all fallen yet again for a promise of ”change” we should not be afraid to have opinions different than what is expected.

    i think you need to wake up and realize that no one becomes president unless the ”big boys”, who have been running our country since the beginning, say so. How does a man who has been in govt for less than 4 years raise the most money EVER in campaign history to run for president of the highest office and have every american and the media on his nuts to pull off a huge victory..Oh yeah, its just the american dream right..yeah
    all the sheep crying for joy in Chicago like those little cult like followers..u think we are becoming a less racist country because we have an african am pres..ur living an illusion.

    keep beleiving the nonescence just like you believed wmd in iraq, like you believed arabs attacked us on 9/ you beleive that the our pres elections aren’t manipulated, that we are not killing 20 year old kids everyday in Iraq and afghanistan for NO REASON!
    Just keep thinking everything that box tells you is true. You’ll be just fine..

    Listen, my little video that has caused you so much uproar and that is so dangerous to black people? obama?..who knows is just an expression of my opinion. the video might have its flaws but it is NOT racist nor get off it.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    “You’re never alone with a schizophrenic!” (It’s Ian Hunter who said that.) By the way, thanks for making my point again! And, as a matter of fact, Nostradamus is not a 15th century guy, as you said in your video, this production made out of boredom and just for fun with the desinformation you copy/pasted from White Power sites. He was born in 1503, so he is a 16th century guy. You didn’t even bother to check the basic facts… But okay, you’ve made a comedy, entirely based on false facts, sort of parody, sort of Monty Python and the Holy Grail thing… and I am just to dumb to see that. You really are extremely funny when you’re serious, you know that? Wondering if I’m from Alabama… Simply check my profile and you will read there that I’m living in good old little Belgium. Muscles from Brussels. But okay, checking the basic facts of a story isn’t what your good at. Making insinuations, that’s your thing.

    So, now you are telling me you have made a sort of mockumentary instead of “a documentary about the startling connections between the 15th century prophet Nostradamus and 9/11, Barack Obama, Bush, and the november elections” (your words, on your YouTube Channel). – “Read it then tell me ALL of the quatraints are false.” (your words again, in the comments here). Are you speaking here about a “mockumentary”? No, you are not. So, what HAVE you produced, Mister Metro? A documentary or a mockumentary?

    Last but not least, of course I can prove that ALL quatrains you mention ARE at least falsified by you and/or the White Power sites where you got your desinformation. Read on that subject: “–Obama-and-the-AntiChrist”. You are saying the same thing as these White Power guys, so what are you then?

    You’re not even good in the falsifying business, Mister EdgarMetro. And if you were making a parody, a comedy, a mockumentary… Monty Python got at least the basic facts right, you know. So you’re a lousy comedian too. You really ought to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail… Or even better: The Life of Brian!

  • Bren Parks

    Why is everyone so hung up on the fact that Obama is black. Let’s remember that he is also white…but the bottom line is that what matters is in his heart. I agree with the concept that the world will see a change in 2012. That is obvious with global warming and globalization. By the way, who is to say the change will be bad? New technologies are providing a tremendous amount of good for the environment. Then let us consider the enlightenment that we as a global community are realizing. All I can say is that to have a closed mind condemns you to stagnation. I have a number of articles about globalization and environmental breakthroughs that are truly astounding.
    Let us also remember that this planet is a living entity that is in constant change. The only real constant in life is change, otherwise it ceases to exist.
    We all need to grow and change….just as in the case of our planet and all that is included.

  • Ronald

    I dont know who these idiots are but I agree with 99% of what you said. All of these prophecies are absolutely absurd and it seems like our world just can’t accept the fact that Barack “Hussein” Obama is our new president. They claim to be patriots and have pride in their country, yet they don’t believe the simple constitutional value that all men are created equal and every man or woman has the same opportunity regardless of their differences. I’m glad to say that my kids and grandkids will soon live in a generation where bigotry will become a figment of the past. I’m disspointed in human nature and the lack of values these people have. Your fear mongering won’t work anymore. Have a good night folks.

  • Ronald

    ps. that was the absolute worst video I’ve ever seen, lol. Can you even interpret those quatrains. I’ve studied his books for years and it took me this long to realize he was a complete sham. YOU ARE IGNORANT AND RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!haha

  • Patrick Bernauw

    To Edgar: The “further research” you’ve done didn’t go further than the first page you googled with “nostradamus”, “obama” and “antichrist”. The quatrains you promote as true – but are truly false (what you had to admit)- are promoted there on some freaky White Power racist sites (no, I’m not going to link that trash here) as if they were true. You are using the same false arguments as those racist guys, so don’t come and tell me you’re no racist. You’ve simply copy/pasted their “theory” without checking their sources (and you didn’t have to be a professor or to write books about Nostradamus to find out that one of his “prophecies” was invented by the satiral Daily Squib and another by a college student – it’s all there on the first page of Google!) – “The danger is the unwillingness of people to examine all information not just those handed to us nice and neat on a silver platter..” Just quoting you, Edgar, and this is perfectly what you did: not “examine alle information”. So here you go again, making MY point – I honestly want to thank you for that, ’cause you say it yourself, now: people like you ARE dangerous. And they are, indeed. Because people like you do believe the NonSense people like you copy/paste from racist sites. Or are you going to tell me now that White Power or the Ku Klux Klan are not racist, really? Are not dangerous, really? Just cosy socializing guys and dolls who like to dress up, wearing funny masks?

  • Schaller

    Parks, go promote yourself somewhere else. If we wanted to read your articles we’d just click on your little old name. (That teminds me, I got a poem about orgies and sex I think you should all read, nobody asked me for it and it has no bearing on the conversation but you all should read it. Geesh…)The comments section of this article is much more interesting than the actual acticle. Good job, I’m definately stumbling it. Keep arguing, I’m going to come back and check up on you all. Good day.

  • edgar

    Okay Mr. Purple Slinky (very classy btw)
    The mere fact that you have put this video on your little website and drawn all this attention to it proves that you aren’t concerned about the video being “dangerous” or “racist” in any way.

    For you to put it on here even though you are terrified that some moron is going to watch this video and go out and try to do something stupid to obama, african americans, texans, or whoever proves that you’re really not concerned about the video being racist or dangerous. So what now, whats your point? some of the quatraints are incorrect and that makes me a racist?

    I think you’re the closet racist afraid to critisize anyone who might not be your skin color.I see now you wanted to draw some attention to your lonely little site. And with my video on here, i’m sure you are experiencing record breaking traffic, for the 1st time in your yellow “journalistic life” please thank me.

    If i may add, i now have come to grips on the reason for all your anger and resentment…you live in Brussels! I’m sorry but i’ve been, and it is by far the worst city in Europe. I truely feel sorry for you now.

    It is evident that you are quite busy surfing these “white power” sites looking for info. I myself have never and would never visit any of that smut but you have chosen to pin me as a white supremecist..that is not worth a response anymore.

  • edgar

    Im not saying my video is true or false…it is made from pure curiousity and is not meant to be taken as fact and is made for entertainment, its funny to me to see you bumble around and get all bent out of shape about a video i made for fun…and it is absolutely not racist.

    But in this article, you create racism by trying to revive it, to make yourself feel like you are better for recognizing such a “racist” video as the above. Give me a break, the video has nothing to do with race. You feel better about yourself to categorize it as racist. You are shameful.
    Always twisting everything into being about race. The last card to pull.
    If you truely are not a racist, then why make the automatic assumption that obama might be the anti christ just because of the color of his skin.. this video does not imply that. and you have created it in your mind.

    On to the “silver platter comment”. I rarely call someone a moron but i must in your case. The information that is being handed to us on a silver platter doesnt refer to the info from this video..i hardly have any influence from a 2 min you tube video that has got you so hot and bothered.

    Its the deceptive information you get from all your little news shows and websites and slanted papers. Everything you know to be absolute fact, the ones you never questioned or thought twice about. That real information!not the face that obama and bush make the word mabus hahaha…

    And so now I’m white power. And I support them right lol You must have been bumped as a child.

    As a matter of fact i voted for obama and live in southern cali and even believe that everyone has a right to marry.
    Hows that for white power. Get off it dude. I don’t know how old you are but you sound like a little child calling names.

    To go as far as to call me a white power supporter because i made a video saying that obama is going to be president when the supposed anti christ comes to earth. Get off it.
    I wonder where ur from..alabama perhaps..

  • Joanna Maharis

    I read your article and viewed you video with my aunt and my grandmother, and like myself, they found your article and video to be very enlightening, entertaining and comical. The three of us look forward with great anticipation to reading more of your work in the near future. My aunt wanted me to tell, thank you for the beautiful entertainment. It was a great joy for the three of us to read and to view. I’m going to read with them another of your articles just as soon as I’m through writing up these comments.

    Take Care,

    Joanna Maharis

  • Ronald


  • edgar

    oooga boogaa!! i’m so dangerous. A two minute youtube video is so scary…give me a break.
    Just because I haven’t fallen hard for Obama-mania does not make me a racist. I think it all boils down to you’re own insecurities.

  • Ronald

    You people disgust me. You truly disgust me. I’m done. Enjoy making home movies for your white supremacist buddies. It obviously hasn’t worked and it wont work. have a good day and I hope you grow up and find something less boring to do. Peace.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    To Edgar: They have a ”Osama Obama Shotgun Pool” now, in Maine. Just created out of boredom and for fun. Perfectly harmless, of course. So, how sick can you get, Mister EdgarMetro? – There is this other guy, Mister Arkwriter, who KNOWS Obama is the AntiChrist… just because his name rhymes with Osama! – It’s all here:

  • Schaller

    Cool, I knew I wouldn’t be diasappointed. Keep up the ranting and raving. I’m eagerly awaiting further developments.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    It’s a pity now you won’t win The Award of the Greatest Obama = AntiChrist LOL of the Year, Ed!

  • Schaller

    So Ronald lost? What were the teams?

  • edgar

    I don’t think Ronald understands that it’s not about race.

    Ronald likes to use race as a cop out..Ronald is mad about a video that contradicts everything he has been fed for the last 2 years, and the only way he can express his anger is by calling me a racist and white supremecist.

    That is sad, but you know whats even sadder..the fact that Ronald will go through his life always using race as a crutch. This shows he has missed the very message of Barack, the idea to stop that very way of thinking.

    btw the video portrays bush as part of the mabus theory as well..

    …and the teams seem to be pretty out numbered right now Schaller..

  • Patrick Bernauw

    I don’t think that you understand anything, edgar.

    You don’t understand it’s about race, because you have used the same falsified ”facts” as the racists do.
    You don’t understand you’re on their side, because you’re telling their story, because you’re not telling the truth, because you’re only falsifying so-called ”facts”, because your video is made of the same lousy fiction as their video’s and you won’t admit that.

    Your video, edgar, contradicts absolutely nothing, because he is entirely based upon hoaxes and lies. How can a lie possibly contradict something?

    You don’t understand you’re in the same league as those guys who think they can detect an ”Antichrist” by counting the letters in a name and get with -,+,: and x ”666” in the end.

    You don’t even have some kind of a ”theory” of your own. You don’t even have a completely stupid ”theory”. You only have some false ”facts” copy/pasted from one of the countless White Power video’s that appear on YouTube next to your own, because you’re playing in their league, edgar: the league of the falsifyers, the liars, the cheaters, the haters who don’t have any arguments, so they attack the person in stead of the theme he stands for. You’ve attacked me personally (I don’t mind), you do it now with Ronald, and I have not heard ONE SINGLE ARGUMENT from you. And why, edgar? Well, because your only ”argument” is a video filled with lies. That’s why.

    BTW, I nominated you for ”The Greatest Obama Is AntiChrist LOL of the Year Contest” (being a great researcher, you can go check it out for yourself on the HubPages). I’ve found here on the web only one guy who has worked out something even more ridiculous than your video, and that’s the guy who says Obama rhymes with Osama and that’s why he must be the AntiChrist (there are 18 letters in his three names too, and 18/3 = 6 + 6 + 6, yeah, here we go again!).

  • ed

    So for you’re logic to make sense…promoting and linking people to my “racist” video, as you are clearly doing here, constitutes you’re involvement in publicizing and spreading all of my so called racist thoughts right…then simply take it down.

    Just by scanning through the countless elementary articles you have written Bernauw, it shows that this very article has brought you the most reads and comments of all your sorry articles COMBINED!

    If you want to jump on my band wagon for you’re own benefit thats fine, but I laugh as I watch you and you’re funny friends bumble around and get all riled up over a you tube video.

    So you can continue with your mindless racist banter and keep spending ur time nominating me for whatever worthless contests you want. I know its boring in Brussels but I there must me SOMETHING else you can put your time to…

    Oh and one last thing…I CHALLENGE you to take my video down. (which was put up without permission)
    Lets see how many nerds come to your site without my awesome video!hehe

  • ed

    The plug has been pulled for you..

  • Patrick Bernauw

    BTW, who really wants to see this Making NonSense Story About FalsiFied Facts Video, can do that here:

  • GE

    Could mabus be suddam backwards? Could Saddam have been considered the third antichrist?

  • Lost in Arizona

    Regardless of the fact that the video is no longer available, I still thought the article to be very interesting. I’ve always liked the readings of Nostradamus, and in some ways, just thought of his writings as nothing more than that. It is funny how people can interpret readings of a man from centuries ago. I remember not too long ago listening on the radio how people here in Tucson were calling in and saying Obama was the Antichrist because he was 1. black, and 2. his name was Obama. WTF? Really people, have we nothing better to do than incite the end of the world, just because a black man will assume the presidency? History has been made, and great things can come from this man. Could it be more fear that he’s black, then the fact that he’s the so-called Antichrist? Excellent piece. If you can stir up the angst amongst readers, then in my book, you’re on your way to becoming a good writer.

  • Dreamfaster

    I don’t understand why so many people are so worried about the Mayan calandar. Do the Mayans exist now? No. How can anyone get excited over so called predicions made by a group of people who survived for only about 300 years.

    As for Nostradamus, I don’t know a lot about which predictions were actualy his words and which were created by someone trying to get his 30 seconds of fame. I do know that what I have read can be interpreted in many ways, just like the bible. If someone decided to make one quatrain predict the end of the world, well they have way too much time on their hands.

  • Mabus

    They said the world would end when we hit 2000 as well…there were survivalists digging holes, hording food, etc….

    What happened? Nothing. Except maybe you had to get a new calendar.

    The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012? Sure, it had to end sometime, it’s only so big….

    Common sense people, com’on!

  • Niall Robertson

    I thought this article was very comically written and made some very interesting reading. Well done! Its true, even the bible can be interpreted in hundreds of thousands of ways ..

    Plz read my material!

  • Jan

    Clearly the author is an Obama fan and loves the word idiot. Give it a break all politicians are crooks and cant be trusted anyway. Look at your last two governors lol give me a break.

  • Mercedes Selvira

    Good one. The idiocy of mankind is sometimes truly mindblowing. But hey, at least it’s fun to laugh at–if you really think it’s funny, that is…

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Hi Edgar! You’re right, you don’t say Obama = the Antichrist, you only make insinuations. But you’re wrong about the “true message” of your video (”Nostradamus’ words can be interpreted…”) cause the quatrains in your vid are not written by Nostradamus or are falsified… and do I have to say it again who has made these falsifications?

  • Edgar

    I think that all the haters of this video, including the writer who should stick to writing diaries, need to just take a deep breathe and relax.
    no where in the video does it say obama is the antichrist.and to set the record straight, the video is NOT made out of fear of anything. its made to get people like you who have nothing better to do with their time to get all riled up and excited about a youtube video.
    Nobody has actually seen the documentary and nobody has a clue of what questions it askes and what conclusions in draws.
    Nostradamus’ words can be interpreted many different ways pertaining to many different times in history…so try not to get all upset because the video above is just one interpretation, you may not agree with it but thats the fun of nostradamus.

  • D-Dog

    I am with Edgar. Just because he does not love Obama does not make him a racist. I don’t care for him nor did I vote for him. However, I do not hate him.

  • reality

    By the way, one more thing. I was reading a earlier comment from someone called Mabus who said

    “They said the world would end when we hit 2000 as well…there were survivalists digging holes, hording food, etc….”

    That reminded me, Was there not some people who actually tried to predict the end of the world who claimed there was a comet that was going to destroy the earth coming at us but there was a space ship in it and right before it hit it was going to fly out and pick those people up? hahaha remember that? they were like living in a cave or something hahaha now that was some funny stuff! I remember , the leader said something like in order to go to the space ship you had to like commit suicide as it was flying by so the people actually did hahaha. What the hell people…wake up hahaha

  • Patrick Bernauw

    To reality: it does not matter if you’re a Nostradamus believer or a Nostradamus non-believer; it does not matter if Edgar has made a racist video or not; it does not matter if you’re with Obama or against Obama.

    That is NOT what my article is about.

    My article is about the FACT that Edgar uses false or falsified Nostradamus quatrains to make his point. Nostradamus has never written some of the quatrains Edgar says he has, and other quatrains just are translated wrong to get a match (the French word for “earth” being translated as “world”, for instance).

    My article is about liars and cheaters, about Edgar’s video being a FICTION… and not what Edgar says it is: a documentary based upon facts.

  • Edgar

    You can think whatever you want of the video i made, but i have read several of your articles bernauw that insult me personally and call me a racist, etc. i have never met you. There isnt an ounce of racism in the video and you need to get off lowering yourself to the race card to prove your point.

    Though two of the quatraints were not written by nostradamus, it does not discredit the mission of the documentary which is to find out who mabus is..thats it.
    so please stop bad mouthing me and leave your mindless opinion of it till after you see the doc.ty

  • K Kristie

    Interesting read, the article and the comments as well.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Two of the quatrains are not written by Nostradamus, but you – together with a bunch of racists – say they are, and you still do in your video. Two other quatrains mentioned there are falsified in the same way as downright racists do to “prove” their point. You’re telling the same lies as the White Power guys do on their sites, and you’re selling their nasty fiction for facts. So, please tell me how I have to call you, Edgar, if I want to tell the truth without “insulting you personally”.

    BTW, on the “bad mouthing” topic… You really should read your own comments again.

  • Edgar

    If calling me a racist makes you fall asleep peacefully at night Bernauw then do your thing…
    but you really do need to get a life and touch up your writing skills.
    The very 1st comment on this article says it best…

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Dear Edgar,

    You’re very amusing and you keep amazing me… but you didn’t answer my question: how should I call you? And instead of focusing on my bad English, you maybe could use a spell checker and write the name “Nostradamus” correctly?

    But okay, let’s stick to the facts. You already admitted that two Nostradamus quatrains are false, but that doesn’t make the others true:

    Q 97, C 4 goes like this: “At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,/Fire to approach the great new city.” – But you copy/pasted this version: “At forty-five degrees the sky will burn from the World Centre./Fire to approach the great new city”. You – or the falsificator you copy/pasted – invented the World Centre in this quatrain to get a match with 9/11 (and New York is not even at 45 degrees).

    Q 87, C 1: “Earthshaking fire from the World Centre/will cause tremors around the New City.” – Again you – or some other falsificator – invented “the World Centre” to get a match with 9/11. The French word for “world” is “monde” and Nostradamus is using the word “terre” here, and that means “earth”. Nostradamus is not saying anything about a “World Centre”, you – or the falsificators you copy/pasted – are using him and his work to get a message through.

    Best Regards
    (and sorry for my bad English & mouthing)

    Patrick Bernauw

  • Barak Obama

    Guess who’s president tomorrow…THE ANTI-CHRIST ha ha ha.
    See you in hell. Peace and Love.

  • Leon Whitstone

    Interesting comments and interesting readings of the past to future. Some predictions were accurate but many falsified. As to the first black president it is a honor and wish you well. Greetings from the First Nations members of Canada.

  • Johnnie

    Obama? Osama? Wow… so what if they sound alike?! 2012 isn’t going to happen… Obama isn’t Osama… Shame on ya’ll… go join the KKK if you hate Obama…

  • this is horrible

    How did you guys come up with such a BS story. I mean you probably have no lives collecting welfare and you have too much time on your hands right now. You found any way you could in correlation of words to try and make your story sound true. Man you guys are idiots and need something better to do with your time. This is the most absured thing I have yet to read on Nostradamus.

  • Ashley

    Im sorry, but this pathetic. Whos to say that the “antichrist” would have anything to do with combined names? Oh and 060606? thats like saying my moms year of birth is 1969, so she does the sexual position 69 alot, just take away the 19. i mean seriously, this little blog you wrote is really reaching farther than you could possibly ever grab.

  • A prick

    Well i see your point and its interesting. I also see what people are saying about your writing. I find it good, they just didnt pass english and cant read. I like it and if they dont just tell them to suck it.

  • Matt Hooper

    Nostradamus, what a brilliant man. There are 2 plausible scenarios.
    1. Either he can see the future with some degree of ambiguity.
    2. He has the foresight to create cryptic messages with loose and varied interpretations full well knowing that people will forever tie his messages to current events.

    I am going to say scenario 2 seems a bit more likely. Look at all of us. Two clearly smart and creative people took time to produce a video, write a blog, and consequently we all read it and responded. WOW. Chalk another win up for Nostradamus!!

  • TheyFeedingULies

    If only people would spend this much time and effort living life to the fullest imagine how great the world it would be.

  • edgar is a dumbass

    Hey Mr. Nostradamus expert. Its a quatrain not quatraint. Maybe you should criticize your own idiocy rather than this guy’s English. lol. I’m convinced this world is filled with idiots and you just reinforced my point with your ridiculous video. Why don’t you make a trip to a library and read his actual books instead of quoting false prophecies on the internet. I doubt you know what research is.

  • hey edgar is a dumbass!

    you cant really make a trip now can you!?!?

  • C Jordan

    1. Did you know that the squib articles authors name ‘Eugene Randell’ anagrams to “Need angel rule”.
    2. Marshall Bowden, in his article “Strange Fruit, Jazz and Civil Rights”: “…it says something more deep and profound……. It intimately whispers “this is a scene made possible by racism…It is the extreme case, but it is the logical conclusion of the smaller racist acts committed daily by one group against another.” …..even now when many Americans tell themselves that racial inequality and racism are things of the past, even though they know there is evidence to the contrary.”

  • Todd Laurence

    The actual Nostradamus Code is called the “Chaldean
    number/alphabet, and was mentioned by him in a
    letter to King Henry, dated: 1558. You should
    be aware that he included the code number ‘1080′
    which is long known as the “universal truth” per
    Plato and others. 10 && 80th power also represents
    the estimated total of elemental particles in the
    observed universe.

    In any case, the Chaldean system was verified by
    senior researchers at Princeton University.

    The story can be found in google search, under:
    Kochab, 1080, (woyano
    “numomathematics” New York

  • court

    wow, don’t u people have anything better to do then fight on this website with eachother? so u meant the vid one way and everybody took it to mean what they wanted it to mean. so is the way of the world. everybody has a different opinion. you can’t make people see what they don’t want to see.

  • Julian Mariano

    I didn’t know both of the world trade center towers (”rocks”) were at war with eachother!! :O

  • Nora

    I realize that it’s not “good form” to interpret quatrains as being about
    past events, but since this is within my lifetime, I
    think I’m reasonably safe.

    Quatrain VI-97 reads:

    Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera
    Feu approcher de la grand cite’ neuue
    Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
    Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

    Or, as an approximate translation:

    At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
    Fire to approach the great new city:
    In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
    When they want to have proof of the Normans.

    This is, as should be patently obvious to even the most casual observer, a
    reference to nothing other than the 1989 Stanley Cup finals.


    Montreal is at 45.5 degrees of latitude.

    “Fire to approach the great new city” is about the Calgary Flames
    traveling to Montreal for the cup. The last 4 games were played in

    A “great scattered flame will leap up”… I’m pretty sure this line
    refers either to Doug Gilmour, who had recently arrived in Calgary, and
    scored the winning goal in game 6, or to the celebration by the Flames
    after winning game 6.

    “[P]roof of the Normans”? Who were two of the owners of the Calgary
    Flames in 1989? Norman Green and Norman Kwong.

    -E (desperately looking for anything that could be force-fit to the
    Phoenix Coyotes getting farther than one lousy round into the


    Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.
    –Aldous Huxley

  • Nora

    Century 2, Quatrain 62
    Mabus plus tost alors mourra, viendra,
    De gens & bestes vn horrible defaite:
    Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
    Cent, main, faim quand courra la comete.

    Mabus then will soon die, there will come
    A horrible undoing of people and animals:
    At once vengeance one will see vengeance,
    One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.

    I agree with John Hogue’s interpretation of this.

    I think that Mabus has already happened with the death of Saddam Hussein. His horrible undoing of people and animals caused his death. Iran is going to throw the first bomb which is the comet. Vengeance is already happening with Lebanon, Isreal, Palistine, the Hamas, etc. Keep watch on this happening. This is the start of our World War III. Mabus is Saddam and the third anti christ.

    See, interpretation is everything!

  • eyeonthesky

    Nora i believe in your theory. Mabus is spelled wrong,it has to be tied to Saddam so flip it around Saddam=Mabbas.The d’s become b’s when it is flipped.

  • dawn xoc

    The anti christ is a llama from Peru called Fred. Wow Patrick you created a great debate with this article…I am impressed

  • Paul

    The real date you people are looking for is Dec.31st,2012 this is 11 years 111 days after the first 911 took place. Or 5 11111 or in other words look at your hand and raise your 4 fingers and 1 thumb . Now drop 3 fingers and you have a thumb and one finger left . use those 2 digits twice and if you do the the math you will find 3 to the power of 2 = 9 and then drop the last two digits and use them twice and tou have 911. This is the actual date New York will probably be blown up and france to. Further more to back this up do the math. Forget Dec,21st,2012 for the real date is December 31st.2012 .
    Sept 11th,2001 to sept 30 = 19 Days
    Oct 2012 has 31 Days
    Nov. has 30 Days
    December has 31 Days Thus 111 Days
    then add 11 years like so. 2001 + 11
    = 2012. thus when you do the math yoy have 11 years 111 days. Now look at your hand and the rest of the story is history in the making. Hopefully I am wrong on this. God help us

  • alex

    well I think that the FRB of america with the help of Obama will settle the next world order..

    FRB= federal reserve bank witch is a privet company ..

  • Edgar

    I must agree with Alex on the FRB issue, and until our money system is put back on the gold standard and made valuable again, and until the Federal Reserve is abolished, we will not be solving the problem. The more money you throw at it, the worse it gets.
    Obama and his admin and the whole educated world know this, but the objective is not to solve the problem, but to prolong it in the never ending money game that benefits ONLY them. B/c they know the second you eliminate debt, our lovely dollar becomes WORTHLESS.
    Moreover, they know that the pubic is uneducated and unquestioning, so they will play us like a fiddle pretending to try to solve our economic problems as they widen their political power and increase they’re control.

    Don’t forget the golden rule:

  • B.O.L.D

    It seems as though my friends that the world really is comming to an end. so im going to go and try to prepare for the coming of all thins and hope and pray that each and every one of you prepare to the same as me so plz listen to me and to the bible…becasue nostradamus has said and so has the bible along with a st predicting that pope benidict the 16th is the secong to last in the chain of the popes before the world ends…….T.T face it people we are all going to die but im thankful im ready are you? get prepared if not….&&.&&

  • Cort

    Hmmm… Not a very intersting “documentary” in the first place.
    Using the words “documentary” or “produced” is sort of embarrassing. I work in the documentary business… this is more like a weak slide show of quotes with no real point. It has that lame Zeitgeist look to it. Another “documentary” with very little fact checking and whacky loose logic connections.

    That aside…
    On one side I can see the osaMABUSh thing as being more of an anti-american point of view… and not necessarily against Obama and hence racist. But I can ALSO definitely see a racist side being taken from this… so intentions might not be racist… but that does not mean it is not easy to read and be misled into racist support. That’s all people are telling you edgar. Fine, you’re not racist… but this garbage can definitely be read that way. You should be at least able to agree that one could use this to support racist ideas.
    But as i said above… it kinda feels like it shares a fear of the last couple of presidents… or the american government in general. I have not researched any of this… but if parts of it are also false… then it begins to seem even more embarrassing… like watching an awkward part in a movie where someone is so embarrassing you have to look away.

    And now i look away. Good luck.

  • Mr.preZident....

    Everyone has there own opinion and everyone has the facts but what is fact and what is fiction? Research on the internet? Books? Television? all information is given to man by man…I would love to believe that we live in a world that isn’t corrupted nor filled with corrupted politicians but sadly it is and that’s fact.I65′m not even from America nor have i ever been,i’m from the Caribbean but since America is a world super power the rest of the world would be stupid not to pay attention to what happens there not to mention that they control the majority of what is broadcast on the “tube”. So what is the truth? obviously i do not know but i do have my opinion which i will keep to myself simply because what i think will not change a thing.However,i do believe that one thing can answer all of your arguments and that is “Time”…time will tell and that’s fact.

  • Edgar

    To the oscar winning documentary producer CORT..Im sorry that your embarrassed from watching a 2 min cut of my doc..its also sad that u have to turn away like a 5 year old watching a scary movie. I think its time to grow up..just a bit.

    I agree with Mr. Prez that until we as a society understand that politicians are not there to help the people, and start to question their motives and actions, we as a country will never progress..
    But sadly, the U.S. is filled with people like CORT who think our leaders gather everyday to figure out ways to help us…and uses words like “anti-american” and “racist” to describe the videos like the one above.
    The fact that CORT and all these people on here took time to write a comment on my video shows that it may be a bit interesting..

  • jenn

    ok, all i have got to say is a scripture from the bible “no one knows the day, nor the hour……….” i don’t buy obama being the antichrist, even though i don’t like obama and i didn’t vote for him i still do not belive it.

  • Christian

    Lest me begin my saying that it is not on my common to write to blogs, posts, or comment on anything public in general, simply because of what people such as you guys have shown, instead of arguing to work to an answer, you argue to diminish each others point, and claim yourself right.

    Edgar, i understand your video was to inform and not to alarm, although you did not claim it to be racist, i see the side which can be taken as racism. Yet, i also see your point.

    To everyone, would the video seem racist if obama was white? Keep the same name, same facts, same everything, but have his skin color be anything but black. If obama would have been white and the pictures of the president show a white president instead, we would have said it was racism to the white by the minorities. If you don’t agree, I respectfully understand, though i ask you to please think about it.

    I agree with Patric also, in the point he has made about how Nostradamus scriptures can be so easily misinterpreted and therefore, misleading.

    Unfortunately, the same can be said about the bible. As much as i hate to admit it, it is the truth. Many think the Mark of the beast means, evil itself. Also, they or others, believe anti-Christ refers to the anti-Christ within us when we reject god. I personally believe in mark of the beast is the Microchip implant, (rdif, rifd, idk).

    I clearly seem to share belief’s to those who don’t think alike me, that the scriptures are figuratively speaking. Although, i see that their reason of fondling of words was that most of the scriptures where due at the times of the Romans, and that way by not speaking clearly they would have gotten away with writing the destiny of the current and future kings, etc, kingdoms. I believe that the reason of such language was that they had no idea what to call it, so they wrote it down to something that can relate to them more.

    For example; if you lived in the roman days, and you see a car through a vision, you’d say its a horseless chariot. With the mark of the beast, the same applies as you wouldn’t be able to see it, yet you might be aware that it can rule your life (currency, in a way that no one would be able to buy or sell without accepting the mark) which short of coincidence, falls very similar to the RDIF chips that are to come. (research, aaron russo)

    Well, now that that is said, I hope i gave you guys some peace to mind in this argument of name calling, and see that perhaps Edgar wasn’t trying to be racist, and that Patric was mainly trying to point out that Nostradamus can be very misleading.

  • Jean-Mark

    i do agree “Christian” the way [Edgar] posted his video was a bit confusing.but can also contains serious and logical information. let us start by talking about Nostradamus predictions.this prophet lived in the 15nth century,between many lost, ignorant and fooled by myths people. i think it was a must for Nostradamus to predict logically just to help and lead people on the right way of thinking
    nowadays, everyone knows that the end of the world COULD be due to many natural, economical and political causes, and id does not mean that Obama is “”Mabus”” neither Bush is satan. let us all go back to our bible and have some deep-reading, then everyone will notice that when Jesus-Christ came down to earth he came for a certain reason! that reason is to relieve human from Sin. and if Sin ( beast or satan etc) are back now, there will not be an “END OF THE WORLD” in 2012.lets just think of it in a deep and specific religious way.(if really satan and BEASTS are back ), the world will NOT end before the second Coming of Jesus-Christ! none of us will leave earth ( if he is a real christian) before Jesus-Christ comes once again and relieves us from Sins! i think our Basic problem is that we are missing prayers and we need to go back and pray deeply and seriously and anturally to our God so nothing wrong or illogic will happen to us. i know many of you guys will comment or even think i am wrong, and its possible! but i am pretty sure of one thing, God will never leave us lost or missing truth! if he wanted to , the world would be done in noah’s desaster. thanks for reading and trying to get my simple religious and christian point of vue :)

  • Patrick Bernauw

    You should follow your own advice, oobymach, and indeed “try reading some of what he wrote” – Nostradamus wrote it himself that he predicted events until 3797. And maybe you should read Nostradamus too in the original French, and not in translations which in the first place are interpretations.

  • oobymach

    You have disproved nothing with your fallacious arguments, but you have proved that people are willing to believe in an apocalypse. How do you know Nostradamus predictions go to 3797? What is your source? So far as I know Nostradamus predicted future events with incredible accuracy, such as that time when he died he had a medallion on his neck with the number 1700 on it, which was the year he was exhumed from the wall of the church and moved to a more suiting burial site.

    He is having a laugh at your false prophet ass right now from whatever hell awaits us in death, at your ignorance and refusal to accept simple truth. He does write about the end of the world and he’s very descriptive about it. You should try reading some of what he wrote rather than attempting to debunk the only real prophet this planet has ever seen.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    To levi: if “Obama” is an anagram of “Mabus” (3 letters in common), my name also is an anagram of “Mabus”… not to mention the 666 million others who have 3 or more letters in common.

  • levi

    Yes but this is a person who stands out, that has to mean something, a figure like “Hister” and other anagrams… “Mabus” will soon die, yes is an easy prediction… MA (MA) B (Barack) US (Hussein). Not to mention the “a” in Mabus is short not long, it sounds like Obama. End of story.
    And if you think you’re the Mabus he is talking about, get some help cause it’s Obama.

  • Levi

    All Nostradamus is talking about is the rise and fall of Democracy in the United States, other quatrains paint that out pretty clearly as well… in another quatrain, he predicts a 175 peace age thereafter, the Mabus quatrain, also says “Hunger, Hundred, Hand, Thirst”… just the indication of the time-frame he will be assassinated… so with a recession and depression, that would explain that, perfect timing too.

  • levi

    Nostradamus does indeed name a ”Mabus” this is an anagram I believe to be Obama, who else could it be??
    But I don’t think he is the AntiChrist, if anything, Nostradamus is predicting his assassination and racial wars and riots thereafter. He predicted the world would end in 3797, but including the 1,000 years of peace, that would bring us to 2797.

  • madwoman

    i thought about mabus being obama before the election started. i think maybe he is, no one knows until it happens. not me not you no one until it happens a lot can change in just a few years. i personally think obama=mabus because it goes together. the quatrains in the video are not correct, centre was not in the 9/11 quatrain but nostradamus predicts 9/11 just not like the video perceives.

  • rajyoga

    what ever folks !! Events in Life cOuld be Co-incident wHo knows?
    when a hunter aims a bird he may kill tiger…what could he belivec

  • stephanie

    do you know what i think. i believe that that’s very racist okay just because obama is half black you think he’s some kind of evil guy but he’s not.He’s going to help this country in my opinion. who cares what Nostradamus has to say he was probebly a crazy man!

  • jeremy

    your just jealous that who you voted for didn’t win

  • someone

    ok he did promise forever change , but i don’t think he’s the anticrist

  • KB

    Hey Edgar,
    Read Yves Dupont, ‘Catholic Prophecy – the Coming Chastisement’. There are hundreds of predictions by saints over the past 2000 years that point to the same thing that Nostradamus does in the end times, occurring now.
    The anti-christ will be dark-skinned, from a Jewish tribe (Ethiopan?), charming, charismatic, unifier of religions, peace-maker, and will become King of the Jews (leader of Israel as a state of the US?). The Jews will accept him as their Messiah as he has a voodoo background and will perform tricks seen as miracles. The Jews also believe that their Messiah is ‘coming on a big eagle’…Airforce One from America?

    When you read Obama’s autobiography…he has no idea what his family history is…and neither does anybody else. It is a complete mystery. That’s very very strange for somebody who has been elected King of the World, almost sorcery. He doesn’t even know if his parents were married.
    His stepmother has traced HER family history, but that is NOT Obama’s genetic line. Nobody knows where he came from. Very strange!

  • Patrick Bernauw

    I don’t get why it should be “very strange” that Obama doesn’t know what his family history is… and why this makes him the Antichrist. Very strange to me is that you say Obama is elected “King of the World” – I definitely have missed something. Since when the USA is “the World” and a President is a King? Kings need a family history, presidents don’t. Kings are not elected, presidents have to.

    The Catholic Prophecies you are referring to… With the prophecies “Yves Dupont” ( collected, you can “identify” throughout history masses of Antichrists. Show me “hundreds of prophecies” identifying without any doubt in one single time frame one single person and not 1 + 665 other possible candidates, and we’ll speak again!

  • Michael

    The guy that started this thread is a marketing genius and should find an affiliate program selling Barrack paraphrenelia. Who knew that you could take a poorly written “report”, a crappy mockumentary and 2 losers and turn it into a business model.

    Really, are you all going to argue til 2012 about this garbage? It’s been 7 months of “rowr….hisss” regarding racism, lies, opinions and fear. Hmmm sounds like what was on Jerry Springer today (ahem… everyday).

    It amazes me that so-called writers and journalist even have the time to participate in this.

  • Michael

    *post append*

    Edgar is not living up to his potential. He (possibly unwittingly) created a video that with the proper exposure (ala Patrick) has fueled a 7 month campaign. Why don’t you two team up and make some money?

    Patrick has the media platform and Edgar has the media. With a few tweaks you guys could be selling the hell out of “something”. Edgar at some point pulled the plug on the video posted here. WHY? He pulled the plug on his exposure. Patrick figured out how to get the video back up. If you hate the guy so much, why are you giving him exposure? I’ll tell you why, because without his video your site will be incomplete and in essence you will lose your “commercial”. Patrick loses his entertainment source. Neither the video or the article can hold water without the conflict they create.

    If a stable mind sits back and looks at the article and the video (while completely ignoring the conflict), they will realize that there is nothing mentionable about either. The proof is right there in the middle of the thread where random comments focused their interest on the battle between Patrick and Edgar. The “product” is the conflict but without the video and article there is no conflict.

    Edgar and Patrick (probably) don’t even realize the balance that they created between themselves. The whole time their egos were being damaged and the testosterone was boiling they inevitably created a dynamic business model that neither one seemed to utilize.

    I write this as a lesson in “not seeing what is right in your face”. This entire page is a product with not one endorsement available in the sidebars. If I was Patrick I’d be selling everything from Barrack pins to Ku Klux Klan uniforms on this page. If I was Edgar I’d be contacting Patrick about a partnership envolving a commission on sales to keep my video up. I would then fight and fight and fight with the other until people stopped coming here.

    Since this combination seems to work for generating an audience, I would then make more and more similar sites and duplicate the business model on each.

    So, there ya go. I just taught everyone that reads this how to make money with a free blog, a popular topic, a form of media, an affiliate program and conflict.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    To Clint “your right on the money” – correct me if I’m wrong, but are you suggesting Obama is the Antichrist because he is “buddy buddy” with the Jews (have not you got any news channels over there in Texas?), because he is responsible for the hurricanes (and not the global warming up we are creating) and is injecting hormones into animals (I thought it to be the agricultural industry who did this)???

    You’re right, Clint (second post) – it’s not about race, it’s about downright Stupidity with the Big S.

    Great satirical post this is!

  • clint

    your right on the money. it says in the bible that the antichrist would betray the people of god, which would be considered the jews….and who is he trying to be all buddy buddy with. it is happening all around us. the unpredictable storms such as the hurricanes, which only hit every now an again. now they are hitting the US every year, 3 and 4 times, which is causing seasons to flip flop flowers blooming in the winter.I live in southeast texas and for the first time in years it snowed 4 inches in my back yard, right after hurricane ike. another thing with your point about the food.
    The government is injecting hormones into chickens, cows, pigs and even plant, in order to make them reproduce faster, develop milk faster, and these hormones do not just vanish, they are in our food and drinks, which means we are being filled with hormones for rapid growth so how do you think this will effect our bodies, and not to mention our children. Its happening all around us guys you just have to stop and take a look around

  • clint

    oh and another thing its not because of obamas race. black white brown it doesnt matter. you look at any culture and the all point to a place of the beginning of man, which is in Eygpt. So its not is race, its what he is doing. For the first time in history that a president has made a public appereance, has one spoke of religon. Any religon has the same basic set of principles, we were created, and no matter what god you worship they all evolve around a creator. It doesnt matter what you call the creator, its all based on perspective. so we are all basically worshiping the same creator, just with a different name. and for the ones who believe in more than one god, The bible says that god is everywhere and god is everything, so why cant he be more than one. just a thought.

  • a chick

    no such thing as god anyway and if we die, we die… who cares what anyone else thinks, everyone has an opinion unfortunately

  • Louie Jerome

    Sounds to me like each individual takes the evidence and twists it to fit their own view!

  • December 21 2012

    Obama is not the Anichrist! Those are just people that think every president we get is bad without giving him a fare chance in office.

  • Patrick Bernauw

    Hey Braydon,

    Maybe you should read the article again a few times or so.

    Edgar is saying “great power given to the dark one from slaves come” (= the Dark President) is a Nostradamus quote, but it is not; it’s a quote out of a satirical publication, invented by The Daily Squib. Racist websites are using this so-called Nostradamus quote that Nostradamus never has written to turn Obama into a “Black President” who will be some sort of Antichrist and start Apocalypse, World War III, etcetera. And Edgar is selling the same false “truths” in his video.

  • Braydon

    LOL, I must say I haven’t watched his video, couldn’t really be too bothered. But after all these comments I just have to. I got half way reading all this Ranting and Raving and realised, CRAP I should actually be working. So a special thanks must go to Patrick and Edgar for making me pee just a little in my pants from the laughter. I’m gonna watch the Video now, but as it stands. Patrick bent Edgar over backwards when it came to debating. He even provided a link to show Edgars’ ignorance, EDGAR will let you know if I think you’re a Racist soon enough LOL.

  • Braydon

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love the way you call him a racist just because it says the Dark one hahahahahaha. That is Pathetic. Really, some of his facts may be wrong, Granted. But you’ve unfairly deemed this man a Racist. It’s clear that the Dark one was not aimed at skin color. The Dark one refers to evil. Had Obama been a white, my point would be clear. I take back what I said partially about Patrick bending Edgar over. After reviewing it, His Facts were not entirely true. But Making claim that he was in fact a Racist, does in a sense raise Edgars point of you having insecurities. LOL . I swear people call each other racisists for everything these days. I would know, I’m from South Africa, where Race and color was a huge issue and still is.

    Kind regards
    Braydon Budde

  • Braydon


  • tavy

    lol enjoyed reading the comments =)

    if the prophecies are right then we cant do anything anyway, if they are wrong then we dont NEED to do anything anyway… so i see no point in arguing lol (even tho i agree with patrick =P)

  • Lord Tavington

    Oh my god that video is extremely ridiculous.

    You said that people should open their eyes and not believe everything they’re told but your practically spoon-feeding everyone absolute bollox by making that video.
    You also said earlier “The video never mentions obama being the antichrist..if you actually watch and keep the judging to a minimum, your lil brain will tell you that the video says ”the next president will PRESIDE over the coming of the antichrist” not BE the antichrist. ”
    but you implied obama was the antichrist with the way your so-called ‘documentary’ was done.

    Personally I think your an absolute twat but hey thats just my opinion (and half the people who’ve left a coment)

    I agree with patrick!

  • Anne Lyken Garner

    This makes for very interesting reading. I mopped up every word.

  • Edgar

    Hi Everyone – Its Edgar, the creator of the video above!
    My full documentary ”ENSLAVED IN FREEDOM” is up for your viewing. I’m sure patrick will rate it an ”F”.
    More reason to watch.
    Let me know what you think.

  • RS Wing

    Patrick, you’ve seemed to pop a lot of cherry’s here with this piece. I have to agree with your assessments.. More intriguing work my friend. Food for thought and obvious discussion. Thumbs UP!

  • MarleyGang

    I would like to thank you all for the quite comical and enjoyably interesting waste of time. – I’ve had many laughs thanks to you guys.

    I’d like to note that the racist is the one who calls the other racist…

    Believe what you what want in life….just don’t hold your breath.

    P.L.U.R – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. (One we all should understand by now.)

  • Ashley

    Everyone is truly entitle to their own views. At the end of the day that is all that really matters is our own choices as individuals and what we choose to believe, and how we choose to act. Even though there are visonary scripts of unfortold futures, and all sorts of speculation and ideas… I believe that we are all forgetting one main thing. That we are here, now! Our actions and words do affect others. Our beliefs and ways of life do as well. We need to take responsibility for the way we act, and who we are for ourselves as better people. I’d love to change the world, and hope that all could be together in peace, I really could… but I am one person. All I can do is just be all that I can, and do all that I can, in the hopes it will help at least someone. Anyone. Hopefully then, we can all make the world somewhat better. I hope at least someone reading this, understands where I am comming from. Love, Life, Peace.

  • Jamie Myles

    Really interesting. Obama didn’t come from slaves as far as anyone Knows. Mother white American and Father from Kenya. At least he is not a decendent of any American or West Indies slaves.
    Check the facts folks.

  • mike

    Ha ha ha ha the antichrist is anyone yes anyone who apposes to christ and his heavenly kingdom

  • Monti






  • Patrick Bernauw

    @Juanjuan: No, I have not researched the Bible Code or 2012 yet. This was an article about so-called “predictions” of Nostradamus, that were not predictions and were not written by Nostradamus. But it might be an interesting topic, indeed!

  • Juanjuan

    Have you done any research on The Bible Code and 2012? I’d like to see what you get. I liked your article. I was not aware what some are saying on the internet about Obama.

  • Tiana

    this was an interesting piece. i didn’t really know much about nostradamus before but your article & these comments showed me a lot that most people don’t even know about his prophecies. thanks!

  • MARK09


  • Dave-O

    End of the world? I’m reading an on-line book about the end of the world that is based on the Bible and VERY well reseached.

    google ‘ken power’ and ‘end times’. It is long but worth the read.

  • blackvixen.crypt

    Umm, this is a very interesting piece. I’m from the England mind, so don’t read too much into what I say. The comments that follow the article are hugely varied, though, I’m truly surprised at the hight level of ignorence. I personally don’t belive anything that I have read untill I have thourghly looked at the resorces, plus anything published without a biblography, is a liablility, oh well! Look foward to seeing what else this site has in store for me. thankyou.

  • mesidor daniel

    please stop those crap
    now it is time to mine your own busniss. stop judging no one know
    when is the end of the world and botttom way, most of the thing you guys says about obama is not true.because a lot of you are racism and idiot.
    why don’t you guys say the lord jesus christ is coming soon, don’t you think that would be much better thant obscuring people eyes from the truth, you false prophet , let me tell you something , the Almighty GOD have some really good punishment for you . because you keep deceiving the children of the lord by you lie.
    you pathetic idiot devil.

  • Stop the idiocy

    Its cause hes Black am i right? :/
    You racist idiots.
    bla bla bla,
    it is said that something will happen.
    This is true, but the end of the world is not stated to occur; the world will change. Maybe all that will occur is some dim witted anti-christ believers will be STRIKED DOWN FROM A POWER ABOVE
    All i can say is calm down; dont try to run away from the train, it will catch you no matter what, so you may as well pull out a chair open a beer and watch it come. What ever happens, happens

  • John

    blah blah blah….
    nobody cares, nobody cares…
    samething will happen in 2012 as in 1999, absolutely nothing, except for the olympics , of course.

  • Rick Ward

    We see the biblical signs being fulfilled every day, and the specific prophecies which have to occur before the rapture and the unveiling of the anti-Christ have already transpired. Even with all this, however, the Bible tells us “no man knows the hour, but only the Father”. We can debate the issue ’til we’re all blue in the face, but only God decides what will happen and when.

  • Trey

    You cannot go by another person to reach a solution to something like this. Nor can you say he is wrong. We have no idea what will happen 2012. BUT having saying that, I do think the damus had “prediction” like abilities. I think the look into the future for him was not in fact the future. But a look at human growth and behavior as it was when he was alive. People haven’t changed. Yeah, technology and our book smarts have. But I think damus took all of this away and used our instincts to come to predictions. Let’s say you studied how one group of beavers lived and died. You should then be able to predict how the life of a different group of beavers will pan out. You study there eating habits, there compassion for one another, how the weather effects them, and other natural things that beavers go through.

    You will build a shield against the tides, but for long the tides will victor.

    An unknown devil with fangs ( will rob you of your wealth.

    A cold hand will lay upon the land and all will show there true colors.

    Will all of this effect all beavers? hell no. But does damus’s predictions effect all of us? No they don’t. All damus did imo was look deeper into the way people act. He used this as a base to guess what would happen in the future of us.

    Now time for my prediction… I predict that I will get agreeing replies..and some that do not. Some might be about my grammar, or just plain ol disagreement. The good replies will take what I said and put it in there own words

  • the one and only

    hey dude, whay r u trying to say? nostradamus is a failure or a success? i really can’t understand that!!! nearly everyone in this world thinks that nostradamus predicts the future well, but here u r accusing him of the Quatrains.can u b a bit more specific!what is ur proof? u can’t just mention it, u have to do it, my fren. don’t b an imo,just b yourself. only god knows what to do !!!

  • Patrick Bernauw

    @the one & only: Maybe you can read something about the life & works of Nostradamus. Start with the letter he has written to his son Cesar, for example, where he says that his predictions are reaching to the 40th century:

  • daydudz cu8!!!

    oh my god!!! it’s terrible” i mean are you truly serious about that? what are you trying to say? i know what are happening in our world but this is not the solution to solve this problem!!!! we have to fight against this!!!! but this is really true? any way you are scaring meh!!!!

  • annoyed

    Edgar, Putting all the “facts” aside, before you criticize somebody’s writing skills, maybe you should have learned one of the elementary lessons of the English language.
    “So for you’re logic to make sense…promoting and linking people to my “racist” video, as you are clearly doing here, constitutes you’re involvement…”
    I thing the word you were looking for here was your.

  • annoyed

    …and the word I was looking for was think, rather than thing.

  • Ganesan R

    This is not proved. Im wont believe about this kind of rumors and future predictions are not true.

  • Shoe_String

    A term springs to mind when I read all these comments: “agents of misinformation”.

    Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that everyone commenting here is trying to spread lies, but knowingly or unknowingly, everyone here (yes Mr. Bernauw that includes you) has given their interpretation of information given to them from other sources (whether they be true or false). I believe there was a comment left earlier that stated the fact that all information was given to man by man. That, I believe, is the truth, and I know I will get religious people telling me that god gave man his word (information) in the form of the bible, but nobody can prove this ’cause nobody alive today was there to witness it, and it doesn’t change the fact that the bible was written by men.

    Anyway, my point is, be it Michel de Nostredame or Jesus’ desciples or you or me, what we present to other people (whether we believe it to be truth or not) has an effect on those people if it is shouted long enough and loud enough, as Hitler said.

    So my opinion, which I hope nobody actually takes as truth, because that would go against everything I’ve just written, is that both “Edgar” and Mr. Bernauw are in the wrong. Perhaps all the predictions and whatnot about “Mabus” and Obama are correct, and on the other hand maybe the video is a load of bs, but neither of you should be submitting other people to what YOU believe to be true, because it may influence many others, and that, as Mr Bernauw stated, IS dangerous. Why? Simply because unfortunately a great deal of people are gullible. This means that gullible people with fanatic personalities may be inclined to do something stupid for their beliefs, and take many innocent souls with them.

    I would suggest to everyone to stop subjecting those poor gullible people to your views, because then you are no better than the so called “agents of misinformation” that most of you believe are hiding in the shadows and controlling the world.

    P.S. Again, this is my own opinion and I hope noone takes it to heart, but that comment left earlier about being able to calculate the end of the the world from counting fingers…that was truly hilarious. I can’t believe people would be so deeply obsessed about conspiracy theories and the like, that they would believe something like that. But, it does provide a perfect example of those poor gullible souls I was refering to that articles and videos such as these are affecting.

    South Africa

  • Sara Nightmare

    Just so you know…and im only saying this because there is one thing that you failed to research about. It is said that the anti-christ will not know he is the anti-christ. It is said that the people will love him and think he is doing something good and him making people think hes doing something great when he really isn’t. Its all in there. Not to mention most of the presidents are all related in one way or another which is also a bit weird. Also in the biblical text it says that the lord will see us all at the end of the AGE. Everyone misinterprets it as the end of the world. NOPE. Ironically the end of the age is december 21 2012..

  • Sab

    Wow, you people do know that there is no such thing as an anti-Christ…right? Or do you all fall like fools? There is such a thing as good and as bad, one cannot exist without the other as in right/left, tall/short, fear/love.

    Awakening to the awareness of consciousness, without thinking, then you understand there are only two emotions. One is Fear, the other is Love.

    Fear in you is the weakness of evil.

    Love is the peace you walk in.

    With love, no matter what anyone says, like this foolish blog, you without question need not respond.

    Religious ways are the Anti-Christ, it is the Devil, the Evil side in you, Fear, to control the masses. You create the evil to build, or you create the love to build.

    Life is simple, you/we only make it so hard.

    Awaken to the awareness of your consciousness.

  • a women

    this aricle my opinion is bs. if you read your bible heaven will not be tooken over by satan for one two god does NOT want his people and others to freak so no one knows when the end will come.and because obama is our first black president doesnt mean it is all happening because of him being black as your basicly saying!!

  • bored

    look at where the bible started and look at what’s happenimg there now, its all about power and that’s what will end our existance, every one wants to be powerful and that’s why obama was elected, race wanted power

  • Emmanuel Ombele

    ok… its 2010… we all know shyt gon get crazy from here on forth… what ya all sayin is jus overboard ridiculous fun out of sheer boredom… get a life n stop puttin dis shyt up… jus do real research rather than argue bullshyt… goddamn…

  • P

    ( Read your Bible ) God Said: Not even the Angels in Heaven know when the end will happen. SO NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. So all these predictions – IS SO NOT TRUE. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS WHEN THE END WILL HAPPEN. If it is tomorrow or maybe in 100 years from know ……. who cares. Just be ready for that day, Because i believe it is not going to be a pretty picture.

  • Rick

    The Bible states very clearly that God will come like a theif in the night, NOBODY knows when God will come back to claim his people.Fighting and arguing about the end of the world is very childish and sounds like a discussion that would come out of preschool. So big deal if someone made a video to relieve some loneliness in their life, jealousy can be very dangerous in it self. This is why the world is like it is today, we as human beings need to come together as one if we are to make it through the real end times when they do arrive. God bless us all, black, white, mexican, indian and all the rest of any race in this world.

  • Edgar

    The world is not gonna END in 2012, it will forever CHANGE


    You are so full of crap!!! You can combine so many words to make this ridiculous MABUS you speak of. It is not Bush, and it is SURELY not Obama. You are ridiculous. Get a life.
    We will all be laughing at you when you’re hiding in an underground shelter on December 21st and nothing happens.

  • Edgar

    Thanks Vama, we all have to do our part!

  • Vama

    Everybody seems to be so upset about one persons opinion or should I say–their perception of one persons opinion. I sympathize with you Edgar most people can’t find the power button on most of the appliances in there home and your expecting them to get your point that they need to wake up and begin to think for themselves. I deal with people like this almost every day they don’t listen, they don’t know how to follow the most simple directions. I can understand how upsetting this must be but just keep doing what you do. I enjoyed your opinion it was honest and straight forward and the comments were entertaining.

  • Sam

    It is nice to see someone putting the truth out there about some of the comments that have been made. The end of the world has been comming ever since it’s beginings. We cannot know what is going to happen when. I believe man will destroy himself without any help from Satan or God. If it comes in our life time it comes but in the bible it state we know not the time or the hour. How come people, Christians are putting so much stock into information coming from a primative people who practiced human sacrifice. People need to get a grip and do some real research on their own and find out for themselves what is really going on and stop this riddiculous spreading of unsubstantiated rumors!!!!!!

  • Richard Simmons

    I am the real ANTI CHRIST , now that’s out of the way, let’s get in shape people , move them hips , stretch them ham strings ( puts on 80’s techno music)

  • Mary Gibb

    There is a book, “God Intervenes In The Middle East” written by Marion F. Kremers, that gives the best explanation of God’s timing in history that is not fear-based and could shed some light on Bible prophecy if you care to read it. I found mine at

  • Abraham

    “THE SECOND COMING 0F JESUS & THE END OF THE WORLD IS A HIGHER LEVEL SPIRITUAL TERM”and it is true, when it happens for the “person”(s) only.

    It had come for the great saints of India so many times.Jesus is not a person here, He explains how it will happen from the sky (heaven). Here “The world” &”coming of Jesus” is highly mystical that common believers or most Bible scholars did not understand. So they are saying about the destruction of the mass world.

    The mass destuction of the world linked with the coming of Jesus will never happen, if we understand the words of Jesus .Who realises the secret meaning of the words of Jesus easily?.An Indian scholar or a christian scholar ?

  • Abraham

    Read Mathew 7:13-27. Underline 7:22,23 Think of it and meditate on to get the Meaning until you get who is Antichrist.

  • Abraham

    “About Kalki Avathara”

    All of us know that the Kalki will come at the end of Kali yuga.
    Now it is about 5,000 years passed of Kali yuga.Some connects Obama and

    Osama, Jesus, Mohammed as the Kalki.The profecy about Kalki comes in

    Puranas by Sage Veda vyasa . He says the mode of Kaliyuga in various

    Puranas which are proved true. He says in Devi Bhagavatham Book 9,.

    Chapter 8 about the Kali yuga. We can read, only after 10,000 years of

    Kali yuga (Now it is only 5,000 something) the Kalki Avathara will come

    to the world.Then why these web sites so hot about Kalki?

    The total length of Kali yuga is 1,000 + 200 Deva Years, it is

    explained as 1200X365 (Human years) =43800 years. Why can’t it be

    12,000 years?.Te life span of human is 120 years.Up to 12 years he is

    ignorant (Kali means=Dark age or ignorant period) then he goes to

    Gurukula to study the Vedas (The Indian culture) for 24 years (24,000

    years of Dwapara Yuga) (The second Era) After this at the age of 36 he

    enters into the Grahastha Darma (Household Life)36 yeras. Then his age

    is 72 years..This period is his threatha yuga (Third Era).

    The rest 48 years he leads the life of vanaprastha and sanyasa which we

    can call his Sathya yuga.(48,000 years).

    The total span of Four Yugas may be 120,000 years according to the

    words of Veda vyasa in Devi bhagavatham X, Ch Vlll.Vyasa indicates the

    coming of Kalki after 12,000 years of Kali. We have to wait about 5,000

    or more years for that.

  • robo


  • me

    Everything all these ppl said against this page is TRUE…
    oba-MABUS -h???
    can u be any more far fetched?

    So we all know Nastradamus saw his prophecies is a black morror…

    Write ”Mabus” on a piece of paper and check it out in the mirrow….it spells ”Sudam”

    Your version is random, jump-the-gun, presumptious based on ignorance, and u made ur work fit ur hypothesis….
    You get an ”F” grade and you suck at life….

    now please, just Ctrl Alt Del!

  • Stromper

    I relation to the posts about obama being the antichrist you all need to check the facts of the quatrains better the key reason he can not be is quite simply his date of birth 4 Aug 61 making him a leo Nostradamus clearly states the antichrist will be born of the watery triplicity either cancer pisces or scorpio on the other hand binladens dob is 10 March 57 making him pisces one of the triplicity and a lot more chance of being the antichrist.

    It is not wise for ppl to use the internet as a scource of nostradamus predictions got away from the computer an do some real research ppl its more accurate.

  • Stromper

    I have also noticed that on many of these sites apparently pertaining to Nostradamus predictions ppl linking him to the supposed planet nibiru that is supposed to end the world in 2012 this is a load of bull think for a moment nostradamus was an avid astronomer who knew of planets comets and and stuff therefore when he refers to a comet with a tail of fire it is highly doubtful he was refering to an actual comet for he wouldnt emphasize the fiery tail he would simply say a comet it is more concievable he refers to a missile and its propulsion system.

  • one

    The end must come, like a theif in the night…
    No One Will Know.
    Prepare yourself, everyday, and ASK for His forgiveness, if you failed to follow His teachings…
    Remember, No One Will Know.

  • maashkhan

    the world wouldn’t end with war it will end with natural disaster and is fixed but when nobody knows… manifestations sayz dat god has given two things for human in every era…..
    1. power…… the form of astrology, or magic, or science….
    2. the path to believe upon him.
    history sayz dat…when the power exucuted by us become so much which makes us disbeliever of ‘GOD’.
    then the disaster comes to begin the new world…..
    so dat god shows us that the eternal power is only him….
    and this is the era of disbelieve……so the change in natural world is possible to happen

  • paul B

    Jesus said no one knows the hour or the day only GOD

  • Nostradamus fan

    Can you guys say me a site where I can see this catrenes that Nostradamus made? I’m really curious about it!!!

  • Collins

    Nigeria i am still confused bout dis whole thing

  • Angelito B. Crame

    You dont have to worry about this Jesus Christ is supreme ruler of Heaven and Earth, All 3 heavens mentioned by Paul the Apostle 1st heaven is the sky and clouds those that we see in the atmosphere, 2nd heaven is Space where the moon , stars and galaxies are, 3rd heaven is the spirit world the unseen Kingdom of God, and our God Father, Son and Holy Spirit is Lord of All! We Christians don’t have to worry because the Last Antichrist according to Paul will not seat in power unless He that supressess (the spirit of the anti-Christ (and the human anti-Christ) is taken out of the way (Raptured)The Church) is the most powerful organization that the Lord established on Earth The late Emperor of Rome Diocletian could not wipe out Christians in his time and that was the peak of persecution, they fried , crucified, burnt them in the steak, beheaded, what have you! but he could not destroy the Church all the more the Church multi-plied in number,if the anti-Christ could not destroy the Church unarmed then, how much more can the anti-Christ destroy the Church now when Christianity had spread and in seats of power now! No, the Church has to be Raptured first, what you need to do is watch and pray and share the gospel of Jesus and His coming soon to save us all, we will meet Him in the air (Rapture) the great hope of all believers. And those who will relieve Jesus as the Holy Spirit and share his love on the cross will be saved! Jesus loves us more than our parents love us, did our parents die in the cross for us? No, Jesus died on the cross for us to save us from the punishment of our sins (Hell) so anyone who believes in Him is saved, and will be saved!

  • ivorydancer

    2012 will come and go. Just like the millennium bug. Just like 2009. It came and went. 2010 is still coming and going. 2011 will come and go. So will 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…etc etc…just get on with your lives.

  • MiseryFields

    I just took the time to read through all of the comments (it’s my day off, so I’m lazing it up), and I think out of everyone who commented, only three or four know of and understand the word “satire”.

    Wonderful article. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for posting it!

  • Tyrone

    The Republican Party and the white control media demonize President Obama for decision to try terrorist in civilian court! President Obama administration’s decision to try the Sept. 11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court. Is the right decision and was done under former President Bush! Why are some people suddenly afraid of putting terrorists on trial on US soil in a civilian court, when it’s been the norm in the past?It was OK when George Bush did it. It’s not OK when the Obama administration wants to do it.What’s the difference? Oh yeah, the right wing’s constant smearing of President Obama as an unpatriotic terroristic Muslim pretender (with a crazy pastor) who was born in Kenya and went to some sort of secular Madras and palled around with terrorists (a guy he sat on a right-wing funded educational board with and was 8 year old when the man was doing his evil) and has a fake birth certificate. If the left had carried out such a consistent smear campaign against George Bush, they’d be called unpatriotic. NOW, it seems to be the self-styled patriots who are free to act in unseemly ways against a duly-elected president! There is no thinking electorate anymore. People seldom look at both sides of an issue, and listen to whichever TV-radio shouter fills their pre-conceived opinions. Fox News who has a agenda of hate and divide knows that white people HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT They know that many white people will not investigate pass the idiot the fool the racist that informed them! To the detriment of America and especially white people! White Republicans voted in some of the worse American Presidents! Former President Nixon, Reagan and Bush (1) and Bush (2)! Nixon resign a criminal” Reagan suffer from Alzheimer and refuse to resign “Bush (1) lied ….no new taxes then raise taxes Bush (2) turn a surplus into debt! Started two war ( not paid for) Afghanistan and Iraq War! The Iraq war was started for NOTHING causing 4,400 plus Americans deaths for NOTHING! Misguided and uninformed white Americans have made horrible and deadly decision base on racist and pure hatred! If their decision is to give Republicans who have a proven record of failure and stupidity! Once again the white majority will help in destroying the country!

  • kev

    i dont knows about the wshoe mayan deal but in 2010 there wsill for sure be @#$! hitting the fan…go to the PRO’S…nasa confirms it from the national site… go read up on the huge solar flares the say will happen whether you like it or not…if your worried about the future quit gettin info from some average joe that know nothing but search engines…get your info from the pros with billions af dollars worth of machines and satallites…

  • kev

    …and if obama is anything,then he is the little HOPE we have left in a dark country

  • philip

    are you serious? .. how can you convince the people if you rely what you’ve written in senseless facts? try to read the book you’re talking about. i bet you didn’t understand what that old folk nostradamus wants to say.

  • Joseph Bocra

    I just checked out that video, and was reading a bunch of different comments. I personally don’t believe anything in that video was racist at all. There are so many different End of the World theories out there, everyone is looking for answers. Me personally I have been interested in 2012 for a couple years now, and have just finished creating this End of the World Calendar that is so Kick Ass. Everyone I want you to check out my site, its pretty sick… There is a awesome flash video we did of the pictures we are using for the calendar. You gotta check it out!
    Gooder :)

  • Bond

    I think it’s funny that you guys are worried about a silly video being dangerous when it really is believing that there will be an anti-christ that is the most dangerous. Really religion as a whole is the most dangerous thing. The bible is make believe, and throughout history the belief in religion has caused the most pain and suffering. Most of you people are silly and pathetic.

  • William

    I went through each of these comments and read them. I have came to the conclusion that:
    A: Half of you did not read what the person you were arguing with was trying to say and basically twisted what they said to make yourselves look good.
    B. I have not yet watched the video, but If you read in an earlier comment. Edgar says the world will NOT end in 2012, but there will be a drastic change.

    I believe there will be a change, possibly in the way we have to live our lives, but i have no clue what will cause this change.

    I really hate to open a can of worms but, honestly this argument was mundane and childish. The name calling and finger pointing was childish.

    Another thing that id like to mention is that I don’t care if your white, black, orange, green. I don’t care if you are any color in the 120 crayola crayon box. If you are going to argue, present facts that are backed up by experts. I mean real experts, not wikipedia. Don’t present facts that you can’t back up.

    Best of luck guys in the Changing world of 2012, if it happens

    (Btw I wont be bothering to come back, so don’t bother trying to argue with me)
    (Btw Thanks for anyone who actually read the whole thing and not bits and pieces of it, drawing conclusions from what you read)

  • gay

    gay gay gay

  • mar

    I agree with william… there can be big, major change negatively in 2012…. and maybe chaos… but not the end of the world… cmon? God doesn’t rot His people like that….

  • m bains

    i dont no if its even true but their is a 50/50 chance but who knows we will have to find out on the 21/12/12

  • Hemanta

    If we are going to die in 2012…
    Let us try to make ALL our Dreams come True before 21st December 2012. Cheers. :-)

  • Marcus

    I looked up on the end and Nostradamus says that, “the Antichrist will come wearing a blue turbin and come out of the middle east”. so far that hasn’t happened and obama never came wearing a blue turbin and that the war will last 27 years. since the war began when they hit new york and the pentagon we have been in this war for almost 10 years.

    Go to Armageddon
    and go to were it tells about the first the second and the last antichrist. and read it and it will tell you.

  • marcus

    he will enter europe wearing a blue turbin and he shall be born a strong master of mohammad and the terror of mankind.vmy bad i reread it. look it up still.

  • annoymous

    The end will come after 3700 AD sorry folks the 144,000 are the only white people left on earth; the chosen people; read the 13th tribe by Arthur K something if you can find a copy about christ being hebrew from Isreal not a jew not even 2nd cousin. Their are 2 southern tribes 10 northern tribes which are lost. The 13th tribe is where the anti christ will come from.

  • s j tubrazy

    nice share

  • TAP


  • Mensa Gal

    Patrick Bernauw, I’ve read this opinion article and the posted comments where you attack others for their opinions. The only conclusion a logical sane person can come to is that YOU are a moron. “Flemish author”, any idiot can write a book or “two”, that does not mean they are correct in any of their assumptions. Even if you translated the original Nostradamus writings correctly, your interpretation is only that. Look at the Old Testament and all the various conflicting religious doctrines that have stemmed from them. They cannot all be right, for “no lie is of the truth”. So take your pious better than everyone else attitude and join the other Libtards in politics, because your writings are little more than Leftwing propaganda!

  • maurizio

    had to stop my reading after a few posts: isn’t any of you guys able to debate without waving race at any opportunity ? (all guilty!)

    Just for thought: whenever race issue pops up in your mind (one way or the other) ask yourself: why am I?

    If you were not you it would never do ;)

    Don’t bother to hit me back since I will not read you (enough of this !).

    Maurizio – south african expert on the topic :D

  • Hanky

    Some of nostradamus 2012 predictions are becoming true like Japan natural disaster.

  • webseowriters
  • joe

    very nice read about what will happen in 2012 i.e.
    December 21 2012 we should really look to how to
    survive what will happen in 2012 .!

  • Lars. M

    Nostradamus, to be fair did predict a few things…but now are we just trying to link things to his predictions just to try to validate our own personal opinions on 2012?

    It all comes down to this really, 2012 may or may not happen…i would rather not rely on Nostradamus to tell me that because signs (disasters) all around us are pointing to something big coming.

    If it may or may not happen I would rather err on the side of caution and be prepared.

    Whether 2012 happens or not, it’s best to be prepared.

    Surely it is better to spend some time preparing than to dismiss it altogether. If you prepare and 2012 catastrophies happen, there is a chance of survival. If you didnt prepare at all….chances of survival would be very low.
    I think those who don’t have survival experience would do well to learn some.
    Start off with this short guide on How To Survive 2012 for key survival tips.

    Really helped me, and I know nothing of survival.

  • Linsey

    Good article, just backs up other facts and events that all point to something big coming on the horizon and the fact that we should all learn How To Survive 2012 before it’s too late.

  • Ixidor

    cool story, bro

  • ZACH

    you guys just need to get a room already and f/c#. or shut the fu@%k up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 who gives a fu$k!!!!!!!!!you faggs



  • Braeden

    If Hister can be Hitler, Pau, nay, loron is Napoleon then Mabus reversed could be Subam or Saddam….Saddam Hussein because I believe the quatrain mentions after the death of Mabus which works…



  • jijkkiojk

    bec bush and obama are iluminati members

  • Phil

    Dude, this made me laugh. You hit the nail on the head with how people take too much out of context and give others too much power in credibility. I wonder what all the doomsday people will be doing to fill their time when New Year’s Eve 2013 rolls around? Probably going back to square one to find some other doomsday thing to keep people interested in them. Also, I find it ironic that the guy who did that video and tells people to “question everything” has a real problem when anybody questions HIS word. Dude, most of these conspiracy people are just what they say that we should fear: They require absolute unquestioning authority of their questioning of authority. So don’t try to argue with them…It’s pointless. I divorced my wife because she was one of these people, and every time I asked “Where’s the proof?” she would just say I was an idiot with a closed mind, totally avoiding that whole thing about “proof”…Which in most cases was because some guy “said so”. Good lord.

  • martine

    00the antichrist is mabus.check this USAMaB.inladen.predictions made with 500years accuracy.excellent work nostradamus.look at all the angst he s bring to the world.but perhaps the antichrist is not a person but a the middle east and africa the christians are being who is leading these crusades?

  • dark dyson

    Everyone is a little bit racist, im sure each and every one of you have thought something racial at least once in your lives haha

    But all jokes aside, don’t believe everything you read on internet, you do not know how credible the sources are, the only thing we can do right now is see what information that exists, and keep it on mind. Not discrediting anything said here on this article, or anything else related to the 2012 prophecies. But anyone who completely believes this, or anyone who completely shuns away any information like this, should consider that there are too many variables to really be on a single side.

  • Simon

    what about julia gillard she is the first female prime minister in australia and she has red hair, red, red, red like a devil or fire or hell this is it the end times are upon us, and the end is nigh, and red heads will rule the planet as viking clansmen and women, with gillard the red as the chief . but edgar is totally correct we do need to stop believing the msm and put a bit of thought into what we are being told , it will be hard as we have been brainwashed since our birth and beyond , the belgian bloke patrick brenauerreuw is obviously racist because the first thing that pops into his little mind is race . RACE is not an issue as obama was put into power by the same guys who put that kkk nut bush in power . oh and by the way , how funny is it that you yankee jokesters have replaced a texan with a half black guy who isnt american . i think that is a statement of how serious or not the governments are , they play us like flutes ,, eg put the black guy in to piss off the red necks …it works hahaha

  • chris

    guys and girls we arent going to die in 2012 the world not going to end and if it does we should leave before it happen and go to mars

  • cob

    Well, despite all the other comments which i didn’t read… Here is my response:

    First off, I doubt Obama really has any relation to any sort of destructive force aside from inexperience and non-intelligence. Hope doesn’t do shit, you have to have the ability and the mind that can facilitate fixing the world.


    Whether or not this particular video holds water is irrelevant to me. If an anti-christ shows up and starts trying to push my species around or tries fucking with my planet… bring it.

    An antichrist wouldn’t stand a chance against the human race as a collective and if he could wipe us out so simply, better to go down fighting than deal with it.

  • shiney

    I think your MABUS is Mahmoud abbas, duh.right in front of your eyes people, he wants the israelites wiped out

  • Ron James

    The world is corrupted enough already for the antichrist to appear but somehow I feel it needs to really be even more so than it is now however. The antichrist will come at a time when people across the world will be worn out by war that they will crave peace like an addict craves crack, and they will accept him more easily.

    I would say a few more bad wars, another bad 911 attack, and that should do it. It can happen now at anytime. But I feel Revelations willl be fulfilled anywhere between now and the next 200 years. God has a way of slowing things down because his people pray and petition Jesus to bring down the powers of darkness. I can’t even imagine what the world would be like in 3797 or 2797 for that matter. It’s inconcievable really, to imagine that society would last beyond 2100 let alone that far.

    Look at how sick and demented this society is now in 2012; just imagine it 88 years from now!!

  • Ron James

    The world is corrupted enough already for the antichrist to appear but somehow I feel it needs to really be even more so than it is now however. The antichrist will come at a time when people across the world will be worn out by war that they will crave peace like an addict craves crack, and they will accept him more easily.

    I would say a few more bad wars, another bad 911 attack, and that should do it. It can happen now at anytime. But I feel Revelations willl be fulfilled anywhere between now and the next 200 years. God has a way of slowing things down because his people pray and petition Jesus to bring down the powers of darkness. I can’t even imagine what the world would be like in 3797 or 2797 for that matter. It’s inconcievable really, to imagine that society would last beyond 2100 let alone that far.

    Look at how sick and demented this society is now in 2012; just imagine it 88 years from now!!

  • Ryan

    && is this guy serious? I loled at most of you, especially the guy who “produced” the video.

  • Ryan

    Not you, Jesus guy

  • john

    Why don’t you all shut the fuck up !

    You all have a fascination with this shit or you wouldn’t be here !

  • Angel

    If the Bible is correct, Obama will win again and soon after the rapture will occur. Now the elections are in November, and acording to reports by the military and the pentagon, the Gods are returning, inluding potentially the return of Jesus about the end of 2012.

    Now let’s see what he has done to make him be the one. His administration has asked to cover the name of Jesus and image of Jesus at he Uniersit before his arrival and speech. That along is eought evidence that he is the Anti-Chist. He came out of no where to be the President of the most powerful nation on earth along with its poweful military and arsenal.

    He came in pacefully by the power of the vote in a time of economic chaos, during war and rumors of more wars. He came in promising the peace and prosperity. Wow, his is how the bible states the anti-christ will, arrive.

    One other point from me: Obama was the very first presidential candidate to speak to the masses otside the USA for the presidency. He went to Germany where he spoke to almost a millon people there, but it was the whole world due to having been televised. The whole world, as one. But what people do forget is that he spoke in the same spot where Hitler, second anti-christ spoke to his people. Obama was there to announced that he is taking over as the son of Satan.

    So he is the Anti-Christ. His name along has the 666 number sequence, no other president past or now with Romney has the numbers.

    Finally Look at his name:

    The masses calls him Obama
    His close friends calls him Barack
    His middle name in silence Hussein (Silence because when he was running for president the word out to everyone was not to mentioned it at all)

    Oba(MA) (B)arack H(us)sein


  • Angel

    If the Bible is correct, Obama will win again and soon after the rapture will occur. Now the elections are in November, and acording to reports by the military and the pentagon, the Gods are returning, inluding potentially the return of Jesus about the end of 2012.

    Now let’s see what he has done to make him be the one. His administration has asked to cover the name of Jesus and image of Jesus at he Uniersit before his arrival and speech. That along is eought evidence that he is the Anti-Chist. He came out of no where to be the President of the most powerful nation on earth along with its poweful military and arsenal.

    He came in pacefully by the power of the vote in a time of economic chaos, during war and rumors of more wars. He came in promising the peace and prosperity. Wow, his is how the bible states the anti-christ will, arrive.

    One other point from me: Obama was the very first presidential candidate to speak to the masses otside the USA for the presidency. He went to Germany where he spoke to almost a millon people there, but it was the whole world due to having been televised. The whole world, as one. But what people do forget is that he spoke in the same spot where Hitler, second anti-christ spoke to his people. Obama was there to announced that he is taking over as the son of Satan.

    So he is the Anti-Christ. His name along has the 666 number sequence, no other president past or now with Romney has the numbers.

    Finally Look at his name:

    The masses calls him Obama
    His close friends calls him Barack
    His middle name in silence Hussein (Silence because when he was running for president the word out to everyone was not to mentioned it at all)

    Oba(MA) (B)arack H(us)sein


  • Daniel Berghoff

    Hey right. MABUS = MA (abbreviation for Massuchusetts) = BUS (businessman)/ = Mitt Romney, who wants to start World War III.

  • fernando

    Guys, try memorilia dot com and let me know what you think about it.

  • Jose Morales

    Eyy you guy!!! There is not mush time left. You guys listen but are defts because you don’t understand it. you lack wisdom. As you all know, the bible as well as Nostradamus tells us all that we can change the future and the events to come. But to do that it requires a lot of impartiality and go just by the facts. I am a democract but I will not vote democract because I will not be a part of this. Everyone who votes for Obama will automatic get the mark of the devil. He is the anti-christ. I just don’t want to go over something so over stated in the web in order to prove it. Obama had his chance on the past 4 years but he just kept blaming the republicans for his own doings.We can change things by voting republican and stop all of these nonsenses. I hope you listen.

  • Daniel Berghoff

    If you really want to know what is going on check out my well researched novel, “The Nostradamus Mission.” Being sold on Or listen to my national 30 minute radio podcast interview from last week. Just google the name of my novel to find the link. And oh year, a Hollywood director named Micheal Kirkland wants to make a movie based on it.
    Just a note, the world is not going to end this December. Nostradmus was only trying to warn us to change our ways of life on earth based on our human history up to this point. And that if we don’t we could bring our on our own destruction. The test from God will start in December however. And as other comments here pointed out, the world will start to change then. We as humans better change along the right path as it does, or else the anti-Christ will get his opportunity. And it ain’t Obama. Those that think it is are just scared sheep easily brainwashed because they possess too many tainted brain cells emotionally strainted and delusionally challenged.

  • subway

    dear obama haters…maybe if you got up from the table and did something besides might get a free cell phone or need to id something on the website besides hate and you might mess around and learn the date of the inagraul martin luther king date…can you ID that..holla back…hows the dress looking…my size figure that…