Realist Survival Guide in Case of Apocalypse One

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20th Dec 2016

Notice:  Only to be used in total anarchy situation, do not attempt while the government still retains power.

1.  Your first goal should be choosing a location.  Your location should be a location that your presence will be easily concealed from roving bands of looters.  It should also be located within easy distance of water, because we all know that running water will be a thing of the past.  But you will also want to consider the distance to other supplies.  Supplies such as medical, food, and tools.  You should also consider how likely you will be able to survive the winter at your location, so heating is an issue in the areas with low temperatures.  And also how likely you will be able to defend it.

2.  After your location is determined, you should start to secretly stockpile food for you, or for the group that you are working with.  Local stores will be ransacked first, so abandoned houses are a good possibility when the stores are no longer stocked.  But don’t forget that the stockrooms have more than whats on the shelves.

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