Red Man

Published by in Offbeat
5th Jan 2017

Look at the picture of the Indian on the tobacco pack? That guy ain’t no Indian. No way. I bet he was some lost farmer who was looking for directions when they asked him did he want to dress up. And such a sour expression on his face! Looks like he is getting ready to cry about something .

Maybe  he is wondering,  ”why do I have all these feathers on my head? What did they do to me? And why did they put all that crap in my mouth? I feel sick. I look like a Christmas Turkey wanting to hide out in the hen house. And why is that rooster staring at me like that? Don’t he know I’m married?

What to do? Wait a minute. How do you lay an egg? I better find out real quick. And where is that ten dollars they said they’d give for dressing up? Hey mister, you got my ten bucks?”…..