Schuyler’s Country Kitchen Review

28th Dec 2016

Our First Visit to Schuyler’s Country Kitchen

There’s a fairly new restaurant located on the outskirts of Lakewood, N.Y. my wife and I discovered while out for a ride.  We’re always on the lookout for a good place to stop for dinner and a new restaurant located so close to home is always a big draw.  So, we stopped in for lunch one afternoon to see what kind of food they served and how the service would be.

There was plenty of seating at the time because we arrived just before noon.  There were many tables along the front of the restaurant front windows and then another row of tables down the middle of the room.  For those who chose to there was even seating at the counter where a few people were sitting and enjoying their dinners.  Seating was a bit close, but not too bad for a small restaurant.  What makes the bigger difference for me is the quality of the food, the promptness of the server to who takes our order, and how soon our food is brought to us.

We found a nice table to sit at and our server came right over to give us our menu’s and take our drink order.  She was pleasant and informative, explaining the afternoon specials, and taking our order.  The menu was neatly printed and laid out in such a way that it was easy to read and attractive to look at.  The special sounded good; so, we both ordered the Fish Sandwich with fries and a tossed salad.  Our drink order was brought right out to us and while we waited for our dinner to come we had the opportunity to visit and look around the restaurant to see what else they had to offer.

Up on the wall behind the front counter they have a flat-screen television on the wall with the News on.  The restrooms were located to the left of where you enter the restaurant.  On the walls there were various items for decoration – pictures and memorabilia of various sorts.  All in all, the entire restaurant presented a pleasant, friendly, and bright atmosphere.

When our dinner was brought out to us we found everything was prepared just right.  The fries weren’t too soggy or too crisp.  The fish sandwich had a large piece of well battered crisp fish fillet, topped with lettuce, and dressing.  Everything was pleasant to the eye and quite tasty.  We look forward to our next visit and highly recommend Schuyler’s Country Kitchen to all who might be venturing out for either breakfast – served until 11am, or lunch – served until 2pm.  I believe you will be delighted with both the food and the service.