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23rd Aug 2009

Okay so you want to make money, be rich, famous, like no other out there, unique and attractive. that’s the conclusion i came to, that’s what i want to do with my life. 

Am i going to do that?


Why, well the way i saw it, i love things, simple things, you drive down the country side you see sloping fields with bright green grass, trees and mountains in the far sight. You go wow that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, i pull over grab my chair and sit down and take in the scenery. Simple, i love simple things.

My life has always been about chasing my dreams, i don’t want to settle down and work a 9-5 job, i don’t like planning i just go for things. For instance my last holiday was to Merimbula, i decided we are going to Merimbula the night before. The next morning a packed a tent and some chairs and left the rest to fate. The  3 people that came with me had zero faith, why because we went during Christmas and to a place that had every thing booked out. Never the less the trip was still on.

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We arrive in Merimbula, we had issues getting some accommodation, i was starting to doubt myself. Than the last place we went into they said that 4 people cancelled, so we took up their offer we got a place right on the beach, celebrated New Years on the beach and listening to a live band. Really it did not get any better than that, the best holiday i ever had.

I devote my life to no planing, there for i am never going to get rich but i will always have my memories.

I have gone through 30 different schools, to joining the circus and traveling around Oz, to being an engineer, from a painter to a store man, from a dole bludger to stunt man, from a personal trainer to the Army. From fighting their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to dealing with issues at home.

From the small experiences i have shared, the hardest is always the family, they are there at the start and they are there at the end. No matter where you go, no matter what yo do your path always leads you home, for the better or worse.

Like i said its that simple things that entertain me. The green fields and the landscapes that mother nature presents us with. So i always have my chair with me you never know when you are going to need that time out in your life.