Some Useless Information for You

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30th Jan 2017

These stories are true but useless, interesting & funny…maybe you can make some use out of it, I thought these were pretty funny.


A theif trying to break into a shop in Wellington, New Zealand, used a rock to try to break the window. He kept throwing the rock, but each time the glass didn’t break & the rock bounced back & hit the burglar in the head. After 3 tries & 3 bonks to the head, the theif & his accomplice – who had stood by watching his pal get hit – fled the scene. Police watched the whole thing on surveillance cameras that captured the failed break-in attempt. Detective Sergeant Mark Scott joked that he hoped the incedent knocked some sense into the pair.


There’s the “whopper” & then there’s the hamburger that Ted Reader made. The chef from Paris, Ontario, whippe3d up a burger that weighed 267kg. He’s waiting to hear if this man-sized lunch breaks the previous Guinness World record of around 83kg. Getting the burger on a specially designed grill was the biggest challenge, Reader says. The grill had a built-in forklift mechanism designed to flip the burger. It took 6 hours for the creation to cook, after which Reader added the fixings & placed it inside a 48kg bun.


If you want your kids to eat fruit, it helps to make it look fun to eat. That’s what researchers with the British Nutrition Foundation discovered in a study of children aged 4-7. Children given fruits arranged to look like a hedgehog gobbled up the fruit, compared to the children who were presented with ordinary-looking fruit. Dr, Laura Wyness said the children ate double the amount of “fun fruit” even though they understood the food was the same on both plates. “How food looks really does have a significant influence on children’s food choices,” she said


There are miniature horses, & then there is Einstein, a really miniature horse that stands just 35cm high. Einstein is the offspring of 2 miniature horses & is believed to be the world’s smallest horse. Owner Rachel Wagner says the little horse loves to “kiss noses”with the family’s dog, a little boxer. But, she adds, the dog is heavier than the horse, so playing with each other doesn’t work. Born at the Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire, vet Jacqueline Bartol says Einstein is healthy, but likely won’t grow much bigger.

  • Carlos

    I can definitely agree to the fact about fruits. My mum always did this. Smiling faces or little mice out of horse raddish. It worked!

  • Jesus

    Great useless information. I really liked the one about the theif in New Zealand. How dumb must that guy be to hit himself 3x with the rock and knowing it didn’t break the glass on the first try ?

  • Ian

    I would like to meet that mini horse.. 🙂

  • Sara

    More please!