Ten Signs That You’re Feeling Old

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18th Mar 2017

Here are ten humorous signs that you are feeling old.

Are you losing your get up and go?  Are you more tired than usual?  Perhaps you are feeling older.  Here are ten signs that you are feeling old:

  1.  When you bend down, you don’t feel like getting back up.
  2.  You think that fifties music is still hip.
  3.  You can’t get no satisfaction unless you remember to take your little pink pill.
  4.  When you cough, you think that you’re about to suffer a heart attack.
  5.  Bingo has become your favorite past-time.
  6.  You think that Eminem is some kind of candy.
  7.  You feel the urge, but it quickly fades away after releasing some gas.
  8.  You have fond memories of Ozzie and Harriet.
  9.  Being bald and gray is suddenly more attractive and sexy.
  10.  You spend more time in the bathroom than in the kitchen.

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