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The Chat Line

Published by tryone in Offbeat
July 29th, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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When these lines first pop up years ago  they was exactly what they was advertised or trying to target. You has datelines, which was mixed with talk or another adventure line just depending of casual talk or late night talk. But the line told you the nature of the business.

And with the chatlines which try to say they different but just slightly. You can be anonymous with some chat name from Try Guy or Sexy Kitten, or whatever they went by. But you could find your medicine of high on there. A adventure seeking person or teen. And this is where the good, the bad, and the ugly rear iitself.

You got some who married off the line. Category in this case would be good. You”ve some who claim to be one age andyou’ll find them another. Place this in the bad with the lies you soon will see as time goes on. Because they are chasing more than one on the chatline under different names until a friend of a friend know their voice.

The ugly appears when children are manipulated. Because the line really can’t tell the different when children can manipulate the line. And then you got people of the worst nature who live to manipulate the child. You see this many times on the news every now and then about.

Like candy always attract children who you tell to stay out of it. The chatlines is the same word of mouth have them trying to play and adult game. Should we ban them of course not. Because most lines has a system where the parents can block the children from getting on them. We adults just got to tackle this new technology that’s out there.

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