The Crazy Thing Called Planking

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27th Nov 2016

Just out of my curiosity, I have thought of searching the reason for planking. Moreover, it was unfortunate of me to find the answer for this concern. If you are a planker, raise your right foot! haha. I’m a 100% sure that people will love to know your reasons for doing such a crazy thing.

I have seen several pictures on the internet with a strange kind of post. I guess it’s a type of fad nowadays in which people have their pictures taken as they lie on a firm surface with their faces down. I haven’t personally tried it because it doesn’t match my personality. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to have this kind of pose.

I guess planking is a way of self expression. Do you agree?  Perhaps it’s a way of saying that “say cheese and peace sign” are already phased out. As technology continues to develop, people’s behavior develops as well.

Innovations are common in today’s generation therefore this kind of act innovates the traditional ways of posing for a photo. They just don’t want to smile and show their pearly white teeth on cam. It is certain that planking help them release their boredom and perhaps catch people’s attention.

As for me, I have nothing against planking. As I have said, it’s a way of expressing oneself. The question is why planking? Moreover, I haven’t had any chance to talk to a person who did this kind of thing. I feel really curious about the root of doing this act. Anyway, my mind tells me that people who do this act want something new and we may not know it…limelight might follow!

  • Michael

    Never heard of planking until now.